halo 5

  1. Jebus

    News April 2017 Community BTB Update

    SOUND THE ALARMS! The Big Team Battle playlist in Halo 5: Guardians received a big update today! This update adds five new community-created forge maps to the playlist, adds the Assault gametype (finally!), revamps one existing map, and game modes have been tweaked. To celebrate, Squally DaBeanz...
  2. AnonFriction

    Classic Modes Return!

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to let everyone know Oddball, KotH, and Rocket Race have been updated! There are prefabs available in my fileshare for both if you want to set them up on your maps, but I've also set them up on all Halo 5 Arena maps to be playable! I JUST WANNA PLAY! -For Oddball...
  3. AnonFriction

    FFA Oddball in Halo 5

    Hello! I just finished setting up an Oddball prefab for Halo 5 and thought I'd let everyone know. It's called "Oddball and Hot Potato" if you would like to grab it from my fileshare and set it up on your maps. If you just want to play currently it is only setup on "Mercy [Oddball]" as I want to...
  4. S

    Introduction Continue the fight?

    Hi! My name is Jonatan (gamertag: Stenbock) I have joined this community to play some fun games on Halo 5 PC, Feel free to add me if you want someone to join your games.
  5. Ewingreach

    Introduction Obligatory Greetings

    Hello! I've been playing Halo for, probably, almost a decade. Sold my 360 years ago before building a gaming pc, and just bought an Xbox One a few months ago for Halo 5. I've not spoken to any of my few Xbox live friends for years, and they seem to have abandoned their accounts, so I've come...
  6. ccTyrant

    Introduction suh dudes

    i wanna play halo
  7. diddl3r

    Introduction Hosting MLG Customs

    Looking for people interested in MLG style customs. Looking to go for an old school Halo feel. My friends and I were big Halo 2 and Halo 3 players. Going to try and recreate as similar of an experience as possible. If you're interested in this kind of competitive gameplay environment please add...
  8. Mailmans Son

    Data Lost [Sep 9, 2016] Team Battle Rifles - Halo 5 (PC)

  9. Jebus

    News Welcome to HaloCustoms!

    It is finally September 8th! The start of the 2016 American Football season is here Halo 5: Forge and Anvil's Legacy for Halo 5: Guardians (5.57GB update) have now officially dropped and you can download both RIGHT NOW! At this time we would like to welcome all new guests & members to...
  10. Gamster556

    Introduction Halo 5 Custom Games YouTuber

    Hey There! I'm Gamster556! I started making YouTube videos for almost 2 years now! I made almost every type of video that's out there! I made commentaries, discussions, Minecraft Let's plays, vlogs, etc... However, My friends told me how much they liked my Halo custom games videos! (these videos...
  11. Jebus

    Srs Bzns HaloCustoms State of the Union

    My fellow community members, as we enter the eventful month of September, we want each and every one of you reading this to look at yourself for a good minute. We are 110% serious. We encourage everybody to get a mirror, stimulate your mind and soul, suit up and ready your bodies for what's to...
  12. M


    GT mrcool406 send msg for inv
  13. M

    Introduction Hi I'm masterwit

    About me: EST (US), but I play late 28, male My gamertag, reddit handle, forgehub handle, and others are also "masterwit" I play Halo 5 (forging, customs, and matchmaking on select lists) My job and play habits might see me take a few weeks break from XB1, gaming, and other Halo areas such as...
  14. Doncut97

    Halo Reach Achivement Hunting Lobby

    I am doing a Halo Reach Multiplayer Achievement Hunting Lobby. Going to try and go for the achievement to blow up the research facility on Noble DLC map Breakpoint in matchmaking. I can't get to the start a lobby page so im making this here. Message Doncut97 on xbox live to join.
  15. Giovanni-13n

    Need Help For Map Testing

    Hello I'm in need of 7 players to help me test a Halo 5 forge map that I've been working on for some time. I'm thinking about hosting the game on Sunday Jun 26, 2016 but I haven't decided what time probably between 7 and 9 pm. If you want to join send a message NINO X1 on Xbox Live. The map is...
  16. Jebus

    News Halo 5 Forge is Coming to Windows 10!

    You most definitely did not read that wrong because I thought I did at first! Halo 5: Guardians Forge is coming to Windows 10 PCs later this year! The forge team at 343 Industries has, once again, dropped the mic to go above and beyond again to grace our PCs with the glory that is Forge - Halo...
  17. G

    Halo Halo 5 Bodies needed for Short Film

    Hey I currently am attempting to do a short clip using Halo 5 and if anyone would be willing to help out that would great, thank you! Currently low on bodies needed to complete my vision.
  18. TurbTastic

    Major Problems with Halo 5 Customs

    I've been creating custom forge maps and playing in custom game lobbies for years, and I want to bring more attention to the Major Problems that are negatively impacting the Custom Games scene. In no particular order, here they are: 1. Fireteam size allows for more than 16 players, but you...
  19. R

    Introduction Halo 5 Customs

    Hey everybody, my gamer tag is ROYs MY B0Y (the second 0 is a zero) add me, I have tons of custom games and I am willing to play anything
  20. Lost Pinecone

    Looking for something different to add to your custom games? Check out this puzzle map(video inside)

    Name: Dr. Tim's Time Machine GT: A Squid Loaf Check out the forgehub map post to learn more and for a guide using spoiler tags so you can just look at the section you need help with. The guide also features hints if you only want to get pointed in the right direction. Link...