News Welcome to HaloCustoms!

It is finally September 8th! The start of the 2016 American Football season is here Halo 5: Forge and Anvil's Legacy for Halo 5: Guardians (5.57GB update) have now officially dropped and you can download both RIGHT NOW! At this time we would like to welcome all new guests & members to HaloCustoms and we hope everybody, new and old alike, enjoys their time here! If you have any questions, please absolutely do not hesitate to contact myself and other staff members through use of the shoutbox or by private message.

Similarly, we have also recently launched a tutorial video which you can view below on how to use HaloCustoms and its many features on our official channel. Big thanks to Yeti for helping put it together!

We don't actually recommend the use of Twitch-botting :rofl:

If video form isn't enough, I've prepared a guide in text form below!

Joining Custom Games
After registering an account on HaloCustoms, joining custom games is simple and straightforward. To join another user's lobby, simply click on the lobby of your choice, and click on the green check mark to RSVP (1). Make note of the time and date of when the lobby starts so you're ready to join at the correct time (2). To message a user asking for an invite after confirming your RSVP, click the 'Message them on Xbox Live' link (3).


Hosting Custom Games
To host a lobby on HaloCustoms, click the 'Host New Lobby' button to the right of the page. Here you can give your lobby a title (1) and a write-up to let everybody know what you're playing and more (more effort, the better!) (2). Below, you must select which Halo title you will be playing (3), the time the lobby starts & ends (4) and your current timezone (5). After you're happy with your lobby post, click the button at the bottom of the page and your custom game will be posted to the site for other users to RSVP to!


Community, Maps and Streams
After registering your account, we encourage everybody to join in on our community and make some friends over at HaloCustoms because we're not only just a hub for custom games! We have a forum, a Halo maps directory for you to post your creations in, a directory for all live Halo Twitch streams and last but not least, a hub for custom games! We're also adding more features to the site very soon!

Happy Halo'ing everyone!

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