FFA Oddball in Halo 5


Mar 12, 2016
I just finished setting up an Oddball prefab for Halo 5 and thought I'd let everyone know. It's called "Oddball and Hot Potato" if you would like to grab it from my fileshare and set it up on your maps. If you just want to play currently it is only setup on "Mercy [Oddball]" as I want to make sure there are no more major bugs before setting it up on every arena map like I did with the first version since it takes so long.

You can also grab several Oddball gametypes from my fileshare including
-FFA/Team Oddball
-FFA/Team Hot Potato
-Swat Potato
-FFA/Team Rocket Ball
-FFA/Team Ninja Ball
-FFA/Team Sword Ball
-FFA/Team Rocket Potato
-FFA/Team Ninja Potato
-FFA/Team Sword Potato

You can find my fileshare @Anonfriction on xbox.

If you would like to see how the scripts are setup I've organized a doc here

*EDIT* Update 1.1

-Updated scripts to allow for better Nav Point generation when players die or join in progress.
-Created volume for despawning the Oddball when it falls out of a map so that players do not have to wait for the 15 second reset timer.

New prefab is called "Oddball Reset" kept separate from the normal Oddball Prefab so people don't accidentally leave a volume on their maps that can despawn the oddball.

Known issues

-Assassinating/beating down a player as the ball carrier can trigger incorrect [vo]
-Assassinating the ball carrier can trigger incorrect [vo]

Here's a short guide for setting it up!

1. Spawn in the Oddball/Hot Potato prefab from my fileshare.
2. Ungroup the prefab
3. Set the spawn order on the white Script Brain to the number of Oddballs you will have on your map
4. Place the Oddballs where you want them on your map (be sure to increment the spawn order on each Oddball you place, start at 1 not 0)

Feel free to post any questions/bugs here or tweet @Anonfriction
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