1. ReachTea

    Reach Reach SxG (Bay) 2022-06-01

    Competitive Fast-Paced Sniper X Grenade Launcher Action! Free For All designed map alongside the SxG game mode Recommended Player Size: 3-16 Free-For-All (Download the SxG Gamemode!) How to Install: Drag & Drop .MVAR file inside...
  2. Pfeuff

    H4 Hybrid 1.4

    For more info, visit the original thread at xboxchaos.com "Combining the traditional arena-style gameplay from older titles, with some new elements available in Halo 4, this is where the best of both worlds come together." In Hybrid, players start off with basic weapons & equipment, similar...
  3. ReachTea

    Reach Sniper X Grenade Launcher Gamemode (SxG) 1.5

    Competitive Fast-Paced Sniper X Grenade Launcher Action! Free For All designed map alongside the SxG Maps Recommended Player Size: 3-16 Free-For-All How to Install: Drag & Drop .MVAR file inside (C:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalLow\MCC\LocalFiles\0009000008e4a816\HaloReach\Map) OR Search...
  4. Ultima*

    Reach Nature Delta 2020-03-31

    Welcome to Nature Delta Before we get into the map, this map comes paired with a bonus Racetrack called Instinct which you can read more about on Halotracks here! Both maps are in the download link and on my fileshare (GT is Ultimalocked). In a Silent Way... Nature Delta is a fun small...
  5. StalkerPr1me

    TEMPLE WHANG 2017-05-22

    Hey Guys! Let me introduce you my newest map "Temple Whang" It's an asian themed Arena Map, which should be compatible to Slayer(2v2/4v4/FFA). Some years ago I played Unreal Turnament 3 when it was new, and when Halo 5 came out, I wondered if the maps would be also playable with the Halo 5...
  6. Hojnackii

    Colossus 2017-05-08

    Gametypes: Capture The Flag, Slayer, Free-For-All (max 6 players) Players: Minimun 2 to 8 Maximum Power-Ups: Camouflage (2 Min) Weapons: 2 Weapon Pad (Standard Rocket Launcher) & ( Standard Sniper Rifle) 3 min x2 Battle Rifle (Standard) (40 Seconds) x2 Light Rifle (Standard)(40 Seconds) x2...
  7. OverlordRaven91

    Gypsum 2017-02-09

    Lore The surface of this uncharted planet is a hostile waste land but delve beneath the ground and you will find a network of stunning crystal caves. Overview When starting this map there were 2 things I wanted to change about the way I forge, the first being I should just go with the flow...
  8. AnonFriction

    FFA Oddball in Halo 5

    Hello! I just finished setting up an Oddball prefab for Halo 5 and thought I'd let everyone know. It's called "Oddball and Hot Potato" if you would like to grab it from my fileshare and set it up on your maps. If you just want to play currently it is only setup on "Mercy [Oddball]" as I want to...
  9. C

    Octa9on: Levels 1.0

    Hey All! I used to forge all the time back in the Halo 3 days but unfortunately lost interest in the previous Halo games. Well, I am glad to say I am back! This is my first map on H5 and it is a custom version of Octagon. Feast your eyes on 9 beautifully colored levels, painstakingly created...
  10. GuiltySpark

    Standard Excavation 1.0

    "The ancient Forerunners have taken over these crumbling sand ruins to harvest the powerful artifacts within" A Core 2v2-4v4 Arena Map by: ARC GuiltySpark Layout Design Excavation is a Smaller 2v2-4v4 Core Arena map for all gamemodes like Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, and Assault. It has two...
  11. WyvernZu

    Infusion b_02

  12. SuperFlight89

    Reviving Halo MCC Rumble Pit (Customs)

    Hey guys, Recently a new playlist update to MCC was added weeks ago, and it replace rumble pit in favor of Halo 3 Grifball due to the low population on that playlist. It also was lacking a lot of game modes and Halo CE and 2 Classic. What this means is that I will be creating a community hosted...
  13. SuperFlight89

    Introduction I'm here to take up space

    Hi, I'm SuperFlight89 and thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm here to waste your time to introduce myself. Fun facts: I have a youtube channel (SuperFlight89), First Halo game was CE, and my favorite games are the legendary trilogy (CE, 2, and 3). I'll be hosting custom games...
  14. Subject 00000

    Shade's Fringe (Map Pack: Exodus - Part 3) 1.0

    This forgotten temple is now the base of the Saints' Leader Shade Telavar ,and the Angels plan to rid the Saints' of their leader to keep them unorganized.
  15. Bloodpony

    Standard Salient 2016-04-27

    This is my second Halo 5 map which is actually a remake of a map I made in Reach called Vault (previously posted on Forgehub many moons ago). While the basic layout is the same, changes were made for the Halo 5 sandbox. A lot of time was spent on the art design of the map to make every section...
  16. Spiderman0426

    Standard Frostbite Canyon

    This is a remake of Beaver creek, it took about 2 days to make. So far it only works with FFA & Team Slayer, though I am working on CTF. Now there are no animations for the power weapons on the map, nor is there a animation for the intro or outro, main reason why is because I don't exactly...
  17. Hojnackii


    Gametypes: Standard Assault, Capture The Flag, Strongholds, Slayer, Free-For-All Players: Minimun 2 to 8 Maximum Power-Ups: Oversheald (2 Min) Weapons: 1 Weapon Pad (Fuel Rod Cannon) 3 min x2 DMR (2 min) x2 Halo 2 BR (2 min) x2 SMG (2 min) x1 Plasma Pistol (2 min) x8 UNSC Grenades (2 Min) x4...
  18. GeneralEgrof

    Introduction General Forging, At your service

    General Egrof is NOT my LIVE ID, those are aka: Vendusa, aka: reggaemuffun, aka: UnmarkedFanatic, some Last Two Gamertags are on the lamb from most XBOX ONE use, as well as those old 360 maps I made that are not being remade. New ones are going to be quite over the top and fun to create, test...
  19. Green-Marine225

    Introduction Helloooo : Looking for Halo MC/5 friends

    Hey I play these quite a bit and could use more team mates or xbox live friends. Gamertag - iGek0
  20. ReclaimerX22

    Standard Deluge

    I don't remember Backwash ever being anybody's favorite Halo map, but when hearing about the new forge features, I knew I had to remake it, even just for artistic reasons if not gameplay. That said, I still hope this could bring something interesting to Halo 5's gameplay. With maps getting...