How to Make Locking Doors in Forge

Everyone's favorite Forge-related youtube channel, THFE, is back at it again with another super handy tip on how to make different types of locking doors and extending bridges by using Dominion pieces. Check the video out then subscribe to their channel for more awesome.

i almost shrugged this off, being dominion and all but shit do all of those look fantastic. the amount of detail in their movement puts me in a trance. want to take them to other gametypes :(

this would make working through the glitchiness of the gametype to make something totally original worth it though.
Oho... I never really noticed the number of possibilities with this! I'm with Chuck though, this would be great on a timer, rather than only being triggered by dominion. The possibilities with Linear Flood!
How awesome would it be to use them in other game types. It was a huge let down when they got rid of invasion and you couldn't use gates anymore. But really they should let you have any object become a gate/door in any game type just by placing a hill marker (they could call it a door marker if they wanted and have "door" apear on your HUD kind of like ordinance markers) then in slayer or CTF or flood you could have doors. How nerve wreaking would it be trying to hold your ground to open a door with flood bering down on you.
Because of this video tutorial, I think I've finally made it possible to make a raid/invasion map! Thanks guys! I'll Post the preview of the map soon!
Someone needs to come up with some dominion related minigames using this... the possibilities are huge.