1. Dr Sammy D

    Halo 5 Proximity Triggers

    Alright, I have the kinks worked out for the pressure plate You'll need a script brain for this. and an invisible block (what ever size you want for the area you want to trigger) Block scripts are on spawn despawn on spawn turn off alpha and bravo on timer 0.1 spawn Script Brain scripts are...
  2. Lights

    Halo 4 Mythbusters - Episode 7

    Determined to root out all of Halo's terminological inexactitudes (That's a real thing. Promise. Go on, look it up. I'll wait... satisfied? Let's continue), Defend the House returns for their 7th iteration of their ever-popular Mythbuster series. This time around, their research results in some...
  3. Titmar

    Grunt Dance Party!!!

    AWWWWW YEA!??! You know what time it is. Or maybe you don't, so that's why your main man Titmar is here to tell you. That's right, it's time for a GRUNT DANCE PARTY. AWWWWWW YEAAAAA?!?!? Check out this hilarious little easter egg found in Spartan Ops and enjoy! and be sure to sync...
  4. Lights

    Halo 4 Mythbusters Episode 6

    Defend the House is back on the grind, bustin myths and confirmin' tricks. This episode features some nifty Hardlight Shield work and some little known facts about medals and sniping. Check it out then subscribe to their channel!
  5. Dax

    Height Barrier Glitch - Spartan Ops

    Happy Sunday everyone! Do you ever get bored from doing the same old thing in Spartan Ops? Well check this out! Sleepymike7 has discovered a way to get atop these so-called "height barriers" in several Spartan Ops missions. The breathtaking views combined with the ambient music make for an...
  6. Lights

    How to Make Locking Doors in Forge

    Everyone's favorite Forge-related youtube channel, THFE, is back at it again with another super handy tip on how to make different types of locking doors and extending bridges by using Dominion pieces. Check the video out then subscribe to their channel for more awesome.
  7. Lights

    Halo 4 Mythbusters Episode 5

    Did you know you can send your hologram through a crate? Me neither! Defend the House is back at it again with their latest episode of Mythbusters. Check it out and subscribe to their channel for more awesome. Secret Armor Code!!!: XJH6G-C64DK-74J6J-WPW4C-PX7PZ
  8. Titmar

    Campaign Glitch - Science Lab

    Hey guys, I just found this cool video tutorial for how to get inside the science lab on the campaign mission "Composer." Posting this to the stream because I thought it might be useful for those in our community who are machinima creators. Enjoy!
  9. Titmar

    ReiKo's Halo 4 Trick Jumps

    Check out these amazing and stylish trick jumps performed by ReiKo!! Some of these really blew my mind. Great job on the video as well.
  10. Tedium

    Grenade Trick: Quick, fast, long-range grenades!

    I saw this video by RecedingHairlineMan earlier today. It's been patched since, but in this video he shows you how you could use sprinting to accelerate your grenades farther, and faster across the map. This trick fooled the physics engine into transferring the acceleration of your sprint to the...
  11. Tedium

    Thruster Pack Tricks

    Now I've always liked the Thruster Pack. Sure, it's next to useless, but it tweaks Halo's physics just enough to have some pretty outstanding effects. The Halo Council made a small tutorial for two such tricks, taking place in Haven and Solace. If you haven't seen this before, I strongly...