1. Psychoduck

    Meet Your Maker Dominion: Noteworthy Maps

    Now that the results for the Meet Your Maker 6v6 Dominion Forge Contest are finally out in the open, it's time to give credit to some of the maps that almost made the cut. These are the maps that made the judging process an interesting affair, with one of them missing the third place slot by...
  2. Psychoduck

    Map Meet Your Maker Dominion: 1st Place

    And here it is, the moment we've all been waiting for. It's taken months, and we've looked at a lot of maps, but we have finally arrived at our winner. There were loads of great maps submitted, but this one stuck out the most. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you... Monsoon! Monsoon is...
  3. Psychoduck

    Map Meet Your Maker Dominion: 2nd Place

    I can't tell you how excited I am to be announcing the other runner-up from the Meet Your Maker 6v6 Dominion Forge Contest. I am so excited that I just had a bit of an, err, accident, which has resulted in my fingers getting rather sticky (Okay, that's pretty gross Duck). But seriously, I...
  4. Psychoduck

    Map Meet Your Maker Dominion: 3rd Place

    It's been a while since most of you have heard anything from this contest. Submissions have been closed for almost two months, and we apologize for the lengthy judging process. There were a few hiccups in our planning as well as some time conflicts between the judges. However, we were committed...
  5. Lights

    How to Make Locking Doors in Forge

    Everyone's favorite Forge-related youtube channel, THFE, is back at it again with another super handy tip on how to make different types of locking doors and extending bridges by using Dominion pieces. Check the video out then subscribe to their channel for more awesome.