Feedback Central!


Hey guys, Ducky here to show off an exciting new thingamadoohicky that I've just whipped up. As a new forger, it's often hard to get your maps out there. It's also difficult to get useful feedback to help you improve. This is something which every new forger must deal with, and it's nothing new. So, after seeing some members voice their concerns on this issue, I decided to try my hand at helping this process along for people.

Feedback Central is a feature which allows forgers to request feedback on their maps. My hope is that this will allow new forgers to not only improve their forging from receiving valuable feedback, but also will be a means for forgers to network with each other and create their own tight-knit forge groups. It's pretty simple, just post a link to your map, a screenshot, and list any specific concerns you have.

So, to all you forgers out there, go check it out! Whether you're a new forger looking to gain experience or an experienced one willing to give a helping hand, Feedback Central is the place to be. The more involvement, the better. We'll see about setting up some official FC testing lobbies in the future. So, go check it out! The thread can be found here..
I find this quite nice. Where some areas of support require certain parameters in the feedback, I think this more laid back approach might be very useful. Fantastic idea, Ducky.
I think this is going to work out really well, just as long as everyone plays their part. New forgers get professional and helpful feedback to make their maps better. Experienced forgers see new ideas from critiquing maps, maybe even learn a thing or two, and now become experienced forge evaluators :)