1. G

    Introduction Infection

    I'm a loser kill me and help me test maps
  2. KeeLoker

    Non-Core Map Testing?

    Are there any other lobbies that run testing lobbies not focused solely on core halo maps? Like for example I'd like to get help testing a linear infection map I made.
  3. L

    Introduction Hey there!

    Hey there! I'm Luk Predator, currently looking for players to help me beta test maps and to play some customs! My favourite gamemode is infection, but invites to any other minigame, map testing, custom matches are appreciated You can add me to your friend list if you need players (just invites...
  4. Giovanni-13n

    Need Help For Map Testing

    Hello I'm in need of 7 players to help me test a Halo 5 forge map that I've been working on for some time. I'm thinking about hosting the game on Sunday Jun 26, 2016 but I haven't decided what time probably between 7 and 9 pm. If you want to join send a message NINO X1 on Xbox Live. The map is...
  5. H

    Introduction Looking for friends to test forged maps

    Anybody interested in testing out some maps let me know
  6. Psychoduck

    Feedback Central!

    Hey guys, Ducky here to show off an exciting new thingamadoohicky that I've just whipped up. As a new forger, it's often hard to get your maps out there. It's also difficult to get useful feedback to help you improve. This is something which every new forger must deal with, and it's nothing...