1. GeneralEgrof

    Introduction General Forging, At your service

    General Egrof is NOT my LIVE ID, those are aka: Vendusa, aka: reggaemuffun, aka: UnmarkedFanatic, some Last Two Gamertags are on the lamb from most XBOX ONE use, as well as those old 360 maps I made that are not being remade. New ones are going to be quite over the top and fun to create, test...
  2. Psychoduck

    Feedback Central!

    Hey guys, Ducky here to show off an exciting new thingamadoohicky that I've just whipped up. As a new forger, it's often hard to get your maps out there. It's also difficult to get useful feedback to help you improve. This is something which every new forger must deal with, and it's nothing...
  3. Psychoduck

    Feedback Central

    Hey guys, I've just had an idea. I know that when I started forging and posting my maps on ForgeHub, it was difficult to really get them noticed. No one likes to see people spam links to their maps in the shoutbox, but finding experienced forgers to get feedback from can be difficult. So, I...