[Apr 21, 2013] Holy sweet f***ing crackers!! - Competitive Customs (Short Bizzle)

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Competitive but not TOO Competitive games

I've been joining other games for the last couple weeks and I ready to host again! I have even more awesome gametypes to explore! I can't wait to see everyone out on the battle field!

I'm really stoked on this new gametypes we have been playing.
Lots of one flag, Territories, VIP, Happy Wars, Gift Giver, Invasion AND ALL IN HALO 4!!!! Complete List HERE

Okay so basically I want to have 3 towers (3 dominion capture bases) in between these 2 castles where the players initially respawn. each time a player captures the tower (base) , it serves as a spawn zone so people spawn in closer. whole idea is to get all 3 towers and kill everybody. but in happy wars u could choose what tower to spawn.
here's happy wars gameplay:
and our gameplay
starts with explaination
@2:30 game starts
@4:30 you can see the game mechanic in action

I try my best to keep the games even to avoid blow outs
If you aren't having fun let me know (switch teams if you need to)
Be civil - No Rascism | Sexism | Yelling (will not be tollerated)
Have a mic
Be mature (sorry younger gamers I'm looking at a 17+ group of gamers)

Step 1:

Step 2:
Please send a message to Short Bizzle : "Invite Please"

Step 3:
Be prepared to play casual-competitive games. Here are some examples:
One Flag
Classic Maps
Objective Big Team
VIP (1st time testing this)
Golden Gun
Pistol Starts
(Don't expect flood, 10 round mini-games, 1 life games)

Step 4:
Take a bathroom break. During this time I put on a more casual game. Here are some examples:
Mantis Madness
Hoggy Pitch (aka soccer)
Vehicle KOTH

Step 5:
Back to Step 2

Step 6:
Cool down. As the night slows down I repeat Step 3.

Step 7:
Please Rate the LOBBY

Thread title goes to Gildersneeze For this quote:
" Holy sweet F****ing CRAKERRRS" ~Gildersneeze
Say something funny and become next weeks thread title!

A couple videos from resent festivities!
Gift Giver on Rat's Nest- The awesome gametype masterminded by Nondual
VIP on Turf - Created by yours truly (with guidance from @adderson )

Casual Competitive Group
KOTH Golden Gun
Hoggy Pitch
Spawning Options


Be in the Now
How do I rate the host? I cannot find it... (maybe I already rated? I clicked the checkmark)
At the very bottom of the original post (just scroll up a couple comments) there's a Bar that says "Good Host" and that shows the number of people who rated. (Right now is says Good Host X 3, for you Rev Righteous and myself) It would be nice if the rating box changed after someone rated though. Maybe something like "thanks for rating." I'll have to make a suggestion, and see if that's even possible.
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