1. japoople

    Reach ROCKETS VS. CARS v2

    Fileshare gamertag: japoople8023 This map/gametype is based on an old GTA 5 online minigame i used to play back in the day. Two zombies with energy swords spawn in a room with vehicles (Warthogs, Mongooses, trucks, one cart). The zombies drive down a slope towards a small platform with all the...
  2. RushMyPancake

    Reach Phasmophobia (Scripted Infection Mode) 2021-11-26

    Map: Phas: Laboratory Gamemode: Phasmophobia Gamertag: RushMyPancake Phasmophobia is an infection gametype based on the ghost-hunting game of the same name. In the real game, the ghost hunters need to find evidence of the paranormal while avoiding being killed during a hunt. The same applies...
  3. xDangles25x

    Reach Team Tac: Hamada 2021-06-29

    A new team tac map on tempest. Nearly symmetrical on both sides. Many rocks were used for cover. This map is unique because it doesn't have a lot of elevations.
  4. NightHero

    Reach Night's Jenga Gametype. 2021-01-18

    Gametype for my Jenga
  5. killall -q

    Reach Coliseum 1.1

    A symmetrical, medium-sized map designed for harmonious coexistence of vehicles and infantry. I got the idea from Titanfall map design, which mixes open spaces for vehicles with tight spaces for infantry. The center tower lures players in with a plethora of power weapons, keeping the action...
  6. Yuyuko

    List of Modded Game Variants in Halo Reach Megapack 5.0

    FAQ Q: Can modded gametypes be used in any lobby? A: Yes, generally modded gametypes do not require the host nor the rest of the lobby to anything but the gametype itself to play it. Q: What are the "tags" you keep referring to for stuff like Mythic Infection Party? A: I'm referring to the...
  7. rayner

    Reach HYDRO

    HYDRO Stare in awe at the power and serenity of water. Hydro is a core map optimized for 2v2 competitive game types. It is set on a forerunner facility by the water, staring out into the open ocean. The map's architecture plays to the strengths of the Halo: Reach forge pallet, using the...
  8. xDangles25x

    Reach Splatter Arena 2020-12-28

    A fun arena based mini game. Humans need to survive until the timer runs out while zombies are trying to splatter them with warthogs. Kill balls and golf balls spawn in to make it interesting.
  9. rayner

    Reach Starfall

    GT: n0mnom321 Gametype is "Invasion: Starfall", or you can use regular invasion and switch the attackers to Spartans. Download the map from my file Share STARFALL Welcome to Starfall. Starfall is an Elite defense invasion map with a very specific theme and experimental gameplay dynamics...
  10. Yuyuko

    Reach HaloCustoms Megapack 5.0.1

    The page you are currently viewing is for the Halo: Reach Megapack. Megapack Links: Halo 2: Anniversary Halo 3 Halo 4 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HaloCustoms LFG Discord | r/HaloCustoms Reddit Halo: Reach...
  11. DC Valorstrike

    New community made content for Halo 5 Customs

    Wanted to show my appreciation to the many forgers and voice actors who helped to create Halo: Dusk Injunction and share some screenshots with you guys! The goal was to create maps based on the planet of Reach along with cut-scenes to weave an epic story to be played in Halo 5: Guardians custom...
  12. destroyergsp123


    What's up mis amigos? I'm hosting a Halo Reach Game Night Saturday, May 7, at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time. We will be playing all of the classic Halo Reach custom games and having a bunch of crazy fun. I have 7 confirmed guests not including myself. If you are interested, send me a message and I...
  13. REMkings

    Community BIOC Reach Lobby Recap (09/22/2013)

    Hello everyone! Last Sunday was a good day. Last Sunday, Mankind won. Last Sunday you won. If you were one of the lucky few to join the Halo Reach Infection Lobby as hosted by BIOC, you will definitely agree with me that we’ve had one hell of a great time together. It had been quite a while...