List of Modded Game Variants in Halo Reach Megapack 5.0


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Dec 20, 2019

Q: Can modded gametypes be used in any lobby?
A: Yes, generally modded gametypes do not require the host nor the rest of the lobby to anything but the gametype itself to play it.

Q: What are the "tags" you keep referring to for stuff like Mythic Infection Party?
A: I'm referring to the Forge labels you can put on objects in the advanced options tab.

Q: Where can I get all of these gametypes?
A: They are all included in the Halo Reach Megapack, available for download here:

Q: I want to try making my own modded gametype for Halo Reach, where do I start?
A: Install Reach Variant Tool by DavidJCobb. Not only does it let you edit gametypes more conveniently, it also features gametype scripting, complete with full documentation on what's available for you to mess around with. See the "Edit" tab for scripting and "Help" for documentation. Download and more details found at its Nexus page:

If you're a Forger but you don't necessarily want to learn RVT scripting to get cool modded stuff happening, I highly recommend using any of the gametypes below that mention having Forge tags that you can use, especially Mythic Infection and Mythic Slayer. They allow you to set custom forge labels in-game that do a variety of things, anywhere from scaling an object's visual size, to spawning stationary AI and custom vehicles, having objects rotate in-game, having switches to make objects appear and disappear, and so on (note that you have to be in a custom game, not Forge, for the stuff that the tags do to actually happen). Documentation is included for most of these in the sections for Mythic Infection Party and Sparty Mythic Slayer.

Action Sack

  • The original modded Chess gametype. As the name suggests, it simulates playing Chess. You and another player both spawn in as Monitors and take turns possessing the pieces (Spartans and Elites) on the board by flying near them.
  • Any additional players that join will not be able to influence the match, since only the two original players will be able to move pieces.

Crate Parade
  • Allows the player to create spawn points for UNSC Crates to constantly respawn. This gametype was specifically used to make the map of the same name work, in which you go up a steep hill while dodging Crates in order to score at the top.
  • If you want to make use of this gametype, try to pick apart the map in Forge to understand what each tag in the advanced settings do. In the megapack it is called "MINI - Crate Parade".

Extreme DK
  • This does what Crate Parade does, except this time with every vehicle, which can lead to a lot of fun carnage. It's used on the map "MINI - Landslide" where the objective is also to get to the top to score for your team.

  • Allows the player to constantly spawn Stockpile flags near an object with the correct tag. This variant is used for Acid Arena and Acid Stadium, both under MISC in the megapack, where players on opposing teams fight to control a Soccer Ball that constantly spawns flags that are needed to score.

Flame Tag
  • This is a variant created very recently by LanHikariDS which essentially plays like Reverse Oddball. You need to avoid getting tagged by the person with the flame effect, or you'll lose points continuously. Works on most maps by default.

  • This variant is used for the minigame Floormaster, where one team walks under tiles to make them disappear, meanwhile the team on said tiles tries not to fall and die.

Flushing / Insane DK
  • Both gametypes are essentially the same in that they constantly spawn Golf Balls via a tag and have scoring mechanisms by using a vehicle or otherwise. The respective maps are "MINI - Toilet" and "MINI - Avalanche".

Freeze Tag
  • Freeze Tag is a modded gametype that had its own official playlist on Halo Reach MCC earlier in 2020. The objective is to use Focus Rifles to "freeze" the opposite team. To win, you must either freeze the entire team, or score a flag by carrying it to the right place. To unfreeze, you have to wait long enough to thaw out. The melting process can be greatly shortened however if you have unfrozen team members near you to warm you up.
  • Works on most slayer maps by default. Setting up a map for this doesn't require anything other than proper spawns for each team.

Halo Ball / Hockey
  • These are official Action Sack variants which similar modded gametypes like Extreme DK or Flushing seem to most likely originate from. It allows you to tag certain objects in order to create goals which can be scored by vehicles or movable objects like balls.

Halo Chess+
  • This variant by DavidJCobb, notably the creator of Reach Variant Tool. It enhances the original modded Chess game variant by improving the UI, allowing team play, implementing draw conditions, implementing proper Check and Checkmate, and allowing different piece options for each team.
  • Nexus thread here:


  • This variant is an official Action Sack gametype which is basically just Stockpile where you can still do things like shoot your weapon while holding flags. It is frequently used as a base for other modded game variants like Flagball, and is otherwise most notably used to create colorful aesthetic maps like "RACE - Rainbow Road" or "MISC - Club Epic".


  • This variant was modded by Cantaloupe0 to include Wraith-Banshees that can spawn via the right tag. It also includes a few more tags from the Sparty Mythic gametypes.

Capture the Flag

  • This variant was modded by Cantaloupe0 to include Mongoose-Electric Carts that can spawn via the right tag, so that the "rafts" could have other seats. It also includes a few more tags from the Sparty Mythic gametypes.

SvE CTF v4
  • A gametype by Neptune Fighter explained in the image below.


No AI Instant Respawn
  • Does what the title indicates. Also has blank default loadouts. Good for exploring Firefight maps without being bothered by enemies. Made by Lord Zedd.


Burn Your Dead
  • Normal infection, but the infected are on fire. Good for dark maps or the intimidation factor.

Invincible Drop Shield Infection
  • Normal infection but the Drop Shield armor ability cannot be popped. By Cantaloupe0.

Monitor Bonus Infection
  • Infection with options to spawn as a Monitor for both humans and infected. The Monitor options not only include the default Focus Rifle, but also several other weapons like the Rocket Launcher. Also includes most if not all of the Mythic Infection tags as well. By TrustySnooze.

Mythic Infection Party
  • The ultimate modding gametype for Infection, by TrustySnooze. Includes a large amount of tags to work with in Forge that do anything from spawning in stationary AI, to visual size scaling (only affects movable stuff, not stuff like structures), to attaching objects to players (Prop Hunt, anyone?), destructible structures, moving structures, and so on.
  • Features and explanations of each tag are explained in this thread:
  • This new version includes new features and some changes to existing tags. You can see them explained in the image below.

Spartans vs. Elites Infection
  • Simply makes humans Spartans and infected Elites.

SvE Mythic Infection
  • An older version of Mythic Infection that defaults humans to Spartans and infected to Elites. It is recommended that you use this if you don't want the new features of Mythic Infection Party like the armor ability changes.

Team Infection
  • An experimental gametype by Neptune Fighter. Teams compete with each other while avoiding being infected. When infected, zombies will still be friendly to their team and must help protect them.

  • Infected are on fire, have no weapon by default, and have to touch you to infect you. You score points over time by not being infected. Human players can still kill each other, giving them the option of either working together, or hindering each other by temporarily halting each other's scoring. You will respawn if killed by another human. By LanHikariDS.


All Species Invasion
  • Allows for either team to be either Spartans or Elites.

  • Another gametype by TrustySnooze that combines Infection and Invasion. This gametype is experimental.

Invasion Multi Team Madness
  • Experimental gametype by Neptune Fighter. In team selection, all other colors under Red are Spartans and all other colors under Blue are elites. Every team is competing with each other.

No Category (Blank in-game)

Among Us
  • A very popular gametype by TrustySnooze that pits civilians against killers. Civilians are unarmed and can win by either holding a meeting and voting out whoever's suspected, or by completing the required number of objectives before everyone is killed. Objectives include capturing a point or moving a core to a certain zone. The killer(s) must obviously kill everyone without being found out. They activate their armor ability to give themselves a one-shot pistol on a cooldown.
  • This gametype is mostly automated, however an honor rule that must be followed is to not talk about the game when dead. Revealing who the killer is for example ruins the match.

  • A gametype by Cantaloupe0 for playing Clue within Halo Reach. While everyone still needs to follow a lot of honor rules, this gametype is nice for automatically assigning roles to the players. Similar to Among Us, there are killers and civilians. It is recommended that you play this with someone that knows the rules well.

Weird VIP
  • A gametype by Cantaloupe0 that is essentially VIP but with the ability to have multiple VIPs. Their health bars are displayed on screen and if not all killed quick enough, new VIPs can be assigned automatically. See below for included Forge tags.


Bumper Cars Slayer
  • A gametype by COZI 27 where players spawn inside vehicles. It has options to auto-kill or auto-spawn players that dismount their vehicle, and has vehicle choices for basically every vehicle. Scoring can be configured to come from being the last standing (1 life) or from simply killing other players. A notable gametype born from this is Sabre Dogfight. No, I don't know why it's under Race.

Bumper Cars Survival
  • A gametype by COZI 27 that is just like Bumper Cars Slayer, but players instead gain points continuously while alive.

Covy Mythic Race
  • Another gametype by TrustySnooze that has Covenant vehicle spawn options. Also has a few tags from Mythic gametypes to work with in Forge, player scale option and the ability to turn off vehicle weapons via the Civilian option.

Drag Race+ v3
  • Another gametype by Cantaloupe0 meant for use on Drag Race maps. Drag Race is a race/mini game where players pair up and try to reach the finish line while hindering their opponents using random weapons. This gametype automates the teams, saving a lot of headache in lobbies waiting for people to switch teams. This updated version brings with it a revamped UI and the ability to disable several weapons that are considered particularly powerful for Drag Race. It also puts a waypoint on the leading team.

Kart Racer
  • Race, but player scale is 300%. Also has some Mythic tags for use in Forge.

  • Race, but no vehicles, and you run very fast. Also has some Mythic tags for use in Forge.

  • An enhanced Race mode with additional vehicle choices, special Landmine options, and better checkpoint detection. Has several vehicle options, but not as many as Race [C].

Race [C]
  • Race, but with vehicle options for all the Thorage vehicles such as the ONI Van, Forklift, etc. By COZI 27.

Sabre Dogfight
  • Not actually a Race gametype. Slayer with Sabre spawns, automatically kills the player upon exiting the vehicle. Default 25 kills to win. Uses the Bumper Cars Slayer gametype.

Smoll Racer
  • Race, but player scale is 50%. Also has some Mythic tags for use in Forge.


Gun Game
  • Preset of the Weapon Wielders gametype by TrustySnooze, optimized to emulate Gun Game. Players progress though weapon tiers by getting a kill and have to reach the final tier to win. Highly configurable, such as changing the demotion method or the order of weapon tiers. Compatible with any map that has a decent amount of neutral spawns.
Halo Battle Royale
  • Another gametype by TrustySnooze that emulates battle royales, with a full working dropship, circular zone, and weapon chests. Highly configurable. See below for more details and how to set up a map for it.

Hologram Slayer
  • Slayer, but using a Hologram allows you to possess it until it or your main body dies. Doesn't come with any special configuration options.

Invincible Drop Shield Slayer
  • Slayer, but Drop Shields cannot be popped.

  • Preset of the Weapon Wielders gametype by TrustySnooze, optimized for emulating Sharpshooter. Players all have the same weapon at any given time, and the weapon cycles after a set interval.

Sharpshooter Survival
  • Sharpshooter, but 1 life and 15 second weapon rotation. I recommend this for Gladiator maps.

Sparty Mythic Slayer
  • The ultimate modding gametype for Slayer. Like Mythic Infection Party, it lets you set tags and spawn sequences to objects in Forge, which lets you do a large variety of things. You can spawn stationary AI, scale the visual size of (movable) objects, spawn special vehicle hybrids, make objects rotate in-game, and so on.
  • Full features listed in this thread:

  • After killing a member of the opposing team, they join your ranks. This means you cannot technically lose. Player spawn options include Monitor, Warthog, Scorpion, Mongoose, and Falcon.

Strife Instant Fiesta
  • Strife, but with random weapons.

  • Another gametype by TrustySnooze that emulates Tron. Players spawn in vehicles and must kill other players by causing them to enter their light ribbon that they leave behind. Has special configuration options. Recommended for maps with a decent amount of neutral spawns. Currently unknown if this works with teams, but it probably does.

Weapon Wielders
  • Base gametype that was used for configuring Gun Game and Sharpshooter. Highly configurable. By TrustySnooze.

Zero Bloom Slayer DMRs
  • DMR is a deadly laser.


Silly Elite Stockpile / Silly Spartan Stockpile
  • Stockpile, but the flags are stationary Spartans or Elites that you have to push. Would not recommend using on a map that isn't made specifically for it. Created by Neptune Fighter.
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