List of Modded Game Variants in Halo Reach Megapack 5.0


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Dec 20, 2019
Action Sack

  • The original modded Chess gametype. As the name suggests, it simulates playing Chess. You and another player both spawn in as Monitors and take turns possessing the pieces (Spartans and Elites) on the board by flying near them.
  • Any additional players that join will not be able to influence the match, since only the two original players will be able to move pieces.

Crate Parade
  • Allows the player to create spawn points for UNSC Crates to constantly respawn. This gametype was specifically used to make the map of the same name work, in which you go up a steep hill while dodging Crates in order to score at the top.
  • If you want to make use of this gametype, try to pick apart the map in Forge to understand what each tag in the advanced settings do. In the megapack it is called "MINI - Crate Parade".

Extreme DK
  • This does what Crate Parade does, except this time with every vehicle, which can lead to a lot of fun carnage. It's used on the map "MINI - Landslide" where the objective is also to get to the top to score for your team.

  • Allows the player to constantly spawn Stockpile flags near an object with the correct tag. This variant is used for Acid Arena and Acid Stadium, both under MISC in the megapack, where players on opposing teams fight to control a Soccer Ball that constantly spawns flags that are needed to score.

Flame Tag
  • This is a variant created very recently by LanHikariDS which essentially plays like Reverse Oddball. You need to avoid getting tagged by the person with the flame effect, or you'll lose points continuously. Works on most maps by default.

  • This variant is used for the minigame Floormaster, where one team walks under tiles to make them disappear, meanwhile the team on said tiles tries not to fall and die.

Flushing / Insane DK
  • Both gametypes are essentially the same in that they constantly spawn Golf Balls via a tag and have scoring mechanisms by using a vehicle or otherwise. The respective maps are "MINI - Toilet" and "MINI - Avalanche".

Freeze Tag
  • Freeze Tag is a modded gametype that had its own official playlist on Halo Reach MCC earlier in 2020. The objective is to use Focus Rifles to "freeze" the opposite team. To win, you must either freeze the entire team, or score a flag by carrying it to the right place. To unfreeze, you have to wait long enough to thaw out. The melting process can be greatly shortened however if you have unfrozen team members near you to warm you up.
  • Works on most slayer maps by default. Setting up a map for this doesn't require anything other than proper spawns for each team.

Halo Ball / Hockey
  • These are official Action Sack variants which similar modded gametypes like Extreme DK or Flushing seem to most likely originate from. It allows you to tag certain objects in order to create goals which can be scored by vehicles or movable objects like balls.

Halo Chess+
  • This variant by DavidJCobb, notably the creator of Reach Variant Tool. It enhances the original modded Chess game variant by improving the UI, allowing team play, implementing draw conditions, implementing proper Check and Checkmate, and allowing different piece options for each team.
  • Nexus thread here:


  • This variant is an official Action Sack gametype which is basically just Stockpile where you can still do things like shoot your weapon while holding flags. It is frequently used as a base for other modded game variants like Flagball, and is otherwise most notably used to create colorful aesthetic maps like "RACE - Rainbow Road" or "MISC - Club Epic".