1. DavidJCobb

    Reach Variant Tool 2.1.9

    Compiler/Decompiler used for writing custom gametype scripts A.K.A. Gametype Modding.
  2. W

    Assembly 1.0.342

    Program used to edit .map files for modding halo maps.
  3. Yuyuko

    List of Modded Game Variants in Halo Reach Megapack 5.0

    FAQ Q: Can modded gametypes be used in any lobby? A: Yes, generally modded gametypes do not require the host nor the rest of the lobby to anything but the gametype itself to play it. Q: What are the "tags" you keep referring to for stuff like Mythic Infection Party? A: I'm referring to the...
  4. Tedium

    Grunt Party!

    Have you ever wanted a gun which shoots Grunts instead of bullets? I know I have. And I know you have too. Check it out: