1. Psychoduck

    Community Oddball, KotH, and Rocket Race are Back!

    Last December, Halo 5's Monitor's Bounty content update introduced the ability to create custom game modes via Forge scripting. This scripting system is fairly complex (and admittedly a little buggy at times), but that hasn't stopped AnonFriction from churning out three beloved classic Halo...
  2. C

    Battle Golf Updates

    Hello there! I've just updated the Battle Golf Template (map) and Battle Golf Prefab (object group) to support 8v8 starts. Each initial spawn now has a unique spawn order value. Also, the map template has extended run starts to prevent players from harming teammates during launch...
  3. ToaDrakua


    While scouting parts of the galaxy both known and unknown, the UNSC came across this lone Forerunner power station orbiting the blue giant Bellatrix in the Orion cluster. Initial scans of the derelict's exterior hull proved to spark interest amongst Grifball enthusiasts on board, as one of the...
  4. S

    Introduction Hi, I'm... Crap.

    Salutations. I am ShadowedWizard. I am an aspiring dude. My username is misspelled, and I can't seem to change it. I have made a 4v4 Breakout Boxing-ish gametype and map in customs. If you want to try it out, hit me up with a follow and find it in my files. That's all.