Community Oddball, KotH, and Rocket Race are Back!

Last December, Halo 5's Monitor's Bounty content update introduced the ability to create custom game modes via Forge scripting. This scripting system is fairly complex (and admittedly a little buggy at times), but that hasn't stopped AnonFriction from churning out three beloved classic Halo modes.

Anon, or Josh, volunteered his time as an on-site cartographer to help create the maps and modes which went live in the Action Sack playlist with the Monitor's Bounty update. Since then, he's put the scripting knowledge he gained there to work recreating classic game modes.

Screenshot-Original (3).png

Rocket Race is one of the three modes AnonFriction has recreated so far
Josh has set each of his modes up as a prefab which can be easily dropped onto a map to set the modes up with only minor tweaks required. He's also gone arguably way over the top and set variants of Oddball and King of the Hill up on all of the H5 Arena maps. He recently created tutorial videos to help users set up the modes themselves as well.

To bookmark the mode prefabs themselves or the Arena maps they're set up on, Josh's file share can be found here. He has also compiled all of the info on the modes into a thread here. Be sure to keep an eye on the thread for future game mode releases as well. The next one will be very important, people! ;)