1. B

    H4 Assassin's Creed 1.0.0

    Lots of parkour and advanced movement elements. Flood can only be killed by assassinations. Level design is inspired by Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. Assassins can team up to take down flood, with 1 player sword clashing to distract the flood while another sneaks up behind. Custom gametype is...
  2. B

    H4 [INF] Alien Isolation 1.0.1

    Inspired by the BAFTA award winning sci-fi horror game "Alien Isolation". This map places you and your crew inside a compromised space station. Use your wits and various hiding places to out manoeuvre and out smart the alien. The alien also has access to vents to stalk their prey from above...
  3. Shadowcat AZ

    New H5 infection/Flood map WIP

    Here is a clip of a map I am currently working on, tell me what you think?
  4. Psychoduck

    Map THFE Feature: Winter Contingency

    Download the Map Download the Gametype Whether or not you enjoyed Halo Reach's campaign, a look at this map is well worth your time. Winter Contingency is a remake of an area from the campaign mission of the same name. The map is set up for Flood, but the attention to aesthetic detail is...
  5. REMkings

    Map Preview Cédricville Unleashed

    Cédricville Unleashed__________________________________________________________________ It has been too long since I posted a Map Preview, and since I'm anything but done forging I figured I'd go ahead and show you guys one of the latest projects I've been working on. This is Cédricville...
  6. Elliot

    Map Preview Refinery

    Refinery is a Hivemind Flood map set amongst the cooling towers and pillars of a discontinued oil refinery. The challenge with the map so far has being defining holdouts because of restrictions from the theme. A building is very obviously a holdout locations that is easy to regulate the pros and...
  7. Skyward Shoe

    Staff Picks: Our Daily Bread

    Hello hello hello, my beautiful community! And how are we doing on this fine summer/ winter's mornoonevening? Hungry you say? Well I have just the thing to sate your appetite: A delicious serving of Our Daily Bread from our very own Elliot! Our Daily Bread is a linear-progressive flood map...
  8. REMkings

    Map Preview When Running Fails

    Hey everyone! It's time for another quick Map Preview. Today I'm giving you a sneak peek of one of a couple maps I'm currently working on. As expected, this is a Flood map, but it's different than anything else I've made so far. It's only in its Alpha stage and not even ready for testing yet...
  9. REMkings

    Insanmiac's Best of the Dead Contest

    Insanmiac, the YouTube channel that functions as your number one destination for anything Flood-related, has recently held a contest that went by a name as convenient as it is macabre, the "Best of the Dead" contest. The long wait is now over! After having received over 50 submissions and...