1. W

    Join Customs Community

    Looking for active Halo players to join my new club on Xbox called Customs Community. Only 3 members so far because this club was created yesterday and I just started advertising it. Join to build a Fireteam, Forge, and play custom games with chill players. Age requirement 18.
  2. Jebus

    Srs Bzns HaloCustoms State of the Union

    My fellow community members, as we enter the eventful month of September, we want each and every one of you reading this to look at yourself for a good minute. We are 110% serious. We encourage everybody to get a mirror, stimulate your mind and soul, suit up and ready your bodies for what's to...
  3. SuperFlight89

    Reviving Halo MCC Rumble Pit (Customs)

    Hey guys, Recently a new playlist update to MCC was added weeks ago, and it replace rumble pit in favor of Halo 3 Grifball due to the low population on that playlist. It also was lacking a lot of game modes and Halo CE and 2 Classic. What this means is that I will be creating a community hosted...
  4. SuperFlight89

    Introduction I'm here to take up space

    Hi, I'm SuperFlight89 and thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm here to waste your time to introduce myself. Fun facts: I have a youtube channel (SuperFlight89), First Halo game was CE, and my favorite games are the legendary trilogy (CE, 2, and 3). I'll be hosting custom games...
  5. destroyergsp123


    What's up mis amigos? I'm hosting a Halo Reach Game Night Saturday, May 7, at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time. We will be playing all of the classic Halo Reach custom games and having a bunch of crazy fun. I have 7 confirmed guests not including myself. If you are interested, send me a message and I...
  6. M

    Introduction Hi I'm new here

    Add me or hmu so we can start some customs lobbies. I prefer the 'competitive' style maps.
  7. TurbTastic

    Major Problems with Halo 5 Customs

    I've been creating custom forge maps and playing in custom game lobbies for years, and I want to bring more attention to the Major Problems that are negatively impacting the Custom Games scene. In no particular order, here they are: 1. Fireteam size allows for more than 16 players, but you...
  8. R

    Introduction Halo 5 Customs

    Hey everybody, my gamer tag is ROYs MY B0Y (the second 0 is a zero) add me, I have tons of custom games and I am willing to play anything
  9. Korny

    Introduction Hello there...

    I've started getting into Halo 5, and the Forge is quickly becoming my favorite part of the game. Looking forward to playing more customs and seeing what people come up with.
  10. TurbTastic

    Custom Game Friend Finder

    Looking for more people to play custom games with? Spend 1 minute filling out this form with information like your Gamertag and which Halo game you play. After that, look at the spreadsheet with everyone's responses The spreadsheet is organized and automatically turns gamertags into
  11. ShadowScoundrel

    Every Halo Map Livestream sign up!

    I need people for a livestream I'm doing tomorrow where I'm doing every map in halo history! The game modes will rotate between: Slayer KotH CTF Depends on the halo; Halo 1 - Oddball Halo 2 - Territories Halo 3 - VIP Halo Reach- Invasion/Invasion Slayer (depends on map) Halo 4 - Extraction Halo...
  12. Jebus

    Halo 5 Custom Game Suggestions

    Halo 5 has been out for some time now (can you believe it?) and so have custom games. However, now that forge is here I'm sure most of us have finally been able to reach our hands into the settings and features of custom games in Halo 5. Some of the settings we're given are extensive while on...
  13. Adv Jones

    Introduction Hello from the Archive!

    The name is Adv Jones/Brother Jones/Nels Dixon, I am 25 and located in AZ. My GT is Adv Jones (add me, but tell me where you found me from) I like Halo (obviously), Fallout, BF, GTA, and many more. I go skate and work 40 hrs a week. Blue, wait GREEN!!! Aaaahhhhhhhh!!! I am here to...
  14. Psychoduck

    Map THFE Feature: Winter Contingency

    Download the Map Download the Gametype Whether or not you enjoyed Halo Reach's campaign, a look at this map is well worth your time. Winter Contingency is a remake of an area from the campaign mission of the same name. The map is set up for Flood, but the attention to aesthetic detail is...
  15. Elliot

    Event 50th BIOC Lobby

    Ever heard of Bloodthirst: Infection Only Customs? Yes? No? Derp? Well, if not, we're a custom games group providing Halo Customs with awesome Flood-only lobbies for you to join and have a great time playing and testing Flood maps. To date we have collectively hosted 49 lobbies. It has been a...