Community Celebrating Four Years of HaloCustoms!


Today, HaloCustoms turns four years old.

The site's proverbial doors may not have officially opened until January of 2013, but it was December 23rd of 2012 when it first came online. The site's first eight members, BigStack, Insane54, Lights, Psychoduck, Titmar, Vincent Torre, MockKnizzle, and Tedium joined that day.


An early HC logo mockup from Titmar and yours truly

HaloCostumes was birthed during a turbulent time for the Halo community. Halo 4 had recently been released, and its controversial launch was bound to bring change of one sort or another. Despite many of us being concerned, even disappointed by the recent turn the franchise had taken, we were hopeful that we could create something special. Each member of the original staff team had previous experience working with the leadership of other community groups in some capacity, and so HaloCustards was built on a foundation formed by learning from the successes and failures of what had come before.

By creating a laid-back atmosphere and fostering friendships with partners like THFE,, Forge Cafe, and Mr. Pokephile (now Forge Labs), we quickly became a prime destination for Forge and custom games. In the early days, our media stream was filled to he brim with news articles on Halo, Destiny, and Xbox. Early events included Staff vs Community game nights, the first Meet Your Maker contest, and the HaloCustoms 1v1 Tournament. By that August, we'd reached 10,000 members.

Today, we continue to work with partners like,, Zannyvids, and others to bring events like the most recent Meet Your Maker contest to HarambeCustoms. We're not ready to announce what's next on our schedule just yet, but we can confirm that the event's title includes words like "mini", "game", and "forge".

The Future
It's safe to say that things have been quiet around here these last few months. Sometimes, real life and other interests get in the way and there's no denying that we're guilty of taking some wrong turns along the way as well. Today, we are committed to restoring the site to its former glory. This will be a slow process, but we look forward to bringing back some of the game nights and events we've been known for in the past. If you're interested in partnering with us to help make this vision a reality, please don't hesitate to reply below or contact one of our staff directly.

For those of you celebrating an anniversary of your own with HaroCustubs soon, keep an eye out for a few more trophy points coming your way. Resident staff person adderrson has added new Fronk-themed trophies celebrating two, three, and four-year engagements with the site. Thank you for being a part of it.


Once you go Fronk, you never go bonk

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who's been a part of the site's four year history. From our sister sites and partner channels, to the members who make our site unique. Over the next few days, we'll be spending quality time with friends and family for the holidays. Shortly after, we'll announce the event cryptically mentioned above. From there, we'll put plans in place for an HC vs the World event to be held in the very near future. There are exciting things on the horizon for HaloCustoms. We hope you'll be a part of them.

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday.

-The HaloCustoms staff team

P.S. I miss Dax.
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I'll have a pretty open schedule next year so I could do weekly lobbies, stream, etc.
I'm hoping to get a suite of scheduled lobbies back on track in the new year. Would love to have you resume those. Streaming them would be a plus as well. We'll be sure to be more on top of our Twitter game to help promote these lobbies each week as well.
Four years... Wow. Seems like only yesterday I was a wee squeaker who happened upon a video by some crazy duck guy announcing a new, and Fronk-filled site for all your fork and rare cutlery needs. I guess Halo was included as well.

Congrats to everyone involved in making it this far, and here's to even more successful years of HaloCrustoms goodness. Really doing some good work, guys.

May :fronk: guide you, and may your Achilles armour be sweaty. :y:
No doubt I'm late to the celebration, but I was late to join anyway. Hard to believe I made this account almost two years ago. My activity here may be on/off, and My lag may be unbearable at times, but I've enjoyed the time here all the same. Happy birthday HaloCustoms, here's to more customs and good times. :cool2::y:
Can't believe it's been 4 years already since this lovely site came to be. I've loved every minute of my stay here!