Event 2v2v2 Mini Forge Contest

With today being the third anniversary of this website's relationship with the world, the number three has been a recurring theme. We'll be running a Staff vs Community game night focused on the three-base Strongholds mode soon. First, though, we'd like to announce a new mini forge contest. Great big events like the Meet Your Maker Forge Contests are good fun, but it's nice to have smaller lighthearted events like this one every now and again as well. These mini contests will tend to focus on more niche experiences and won't be taken too seriously.

Ending just in time for a Bring-a-Valentine game night to christen the maps, the 2v2v2 Mini Forge Contest will be a fun, low-stakes event which tasks entrants with coming up with fun maps for a unique mode of their choice. Whether it's a triangular battleground for vehicle shenanigans or Sweat City: the hottest 2v2v2 Slayer map of all time, it's fair game as long as it's designed around this goofy player count/team composition combo.

Deadline: Entries must be posted in the submissions thread by 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, February 7th

Judging: A panel of judges from our ultra-corrupt™ staff team will select three winners and a number of runner-ups after the submission deadline. Maps will be judged on overall fun-factor with their accompanying game mode for 2v2v2 play.

Announcement: The judges will take some time away from their hot dates to announce the winners and runner-ups on Sunday, February 14th. A game night on the maps will be scheduled around this time.

Prizing: Prizes for the winners will be determined based on the level of participation. You can expect to see a mix of light Halo merchandise and small monetary prizes and the winners will also be awarded with a Contest Winner trophy. Winners will also be featured in the aforementioned Bring-a-Valentine game night.

That's all folks. Happy forging!