1. rayner

    Reach HYDRO

    HYDRO Stare in awe at the power and serenity of water. Hydro is a core map optimized for 2v2 competitive game types. It is set on a forerunner facility by the water, staring out into the open ocean. The map's architecture plays to the strengths of the Halo: Reach forge pallet, using the...
  2. M

    2v2 Slayer map ready for download!

    PROCESS is a symmetrical 2v2 slayer map. PROCESS is fast-paced and exciting. The gameplay is technical and competitive. Power positions shift with movement so even skilled teams will need to stay focused from start to finish. And its a lot of fun! To download: GT- Seems Dangerous Map- PROCESS...
  3. D


    Welcome to Quick Draw, aim quick and shoot faster. Quick Draw is symmetrically designed for 4V4 Competitive Play for Team Slayer, CTF and Strongholds. Currently looking for players to help test the map's gameplay for these game types. I took inspiration from Shrine for the middle structure of...
  4. Dr Sammy D

    Seven Wing Tower

    I've made this map in other forges (H4 and H2A) But I think this is the best version yet. I'm looking for feedback. Video
  5. Skyward Shoe

    Map THFE Feature: Arknado

    Check out Arknado in the Map Database! Something is stirring deep beneath the placid waters of Forge Island. The water begins to twist and lash all around and a maelstrom appears, and out of it rises the dreaded Arknado, a fearsome whirlwind of water and… boats? I think it looks more like a...
  6. Titmar


    Entity created by ThrowinSomeBows Hey everyone, welcome back to another exciting map spotlight! This time it's an asymmetrical 2V2 map. ThrowinSomeBows has been well known around the halo communities for a while now, and he's brought us another great map with his creation Entity. Entity...
  7. Titmar


    Exia created by PA1NTS I finally had the privilege of playing some of PA1NTS's maps last night in my recurring custom game session known as TSCGNP. I was extremely impressed by the creative layout he has come up with in this map. It is beautifully forged and interesting to navigate and play...
  8. Titmar

    Turf ( !!! )

    Darkprince909 has created a really kick ass Turf remake. I just discovered it and played a couple games on it yesterday, and I was really impressed!! He has done a great job recreating the gameplay of this classic favorite. I wanted to share this with you all. Make sure to use a Classic...