1. StalkerPr1me

    TEMPLE WHANG 2017-05-22

    Hey Guys! Let me introduce you my newest map "Temple Whang" It's an asian themed Arena Map, which should be compatible to Slayer(2v2/4v4/FFA). Some years ago I played Unreal Turnament 3 when it was new, and when Halo 5 came out, I wondered if the maps would be also playable with the Halo 5...
  2. Psychoduck

    News HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 3/19/2017

    That's right; we aren't using a weird European date format for this one. ;) Your regular roundup wrangler, ♥ Sky, is busy this week (he mentioned something about hens wearing ties) so I'm filling in to bring you your latest dose of Halo news. Arguably the biggest news from the Haloverse in the...
  3. GuiltySpark

    Standard Excavation 1.0

    "The ancient Forerunners have taken over these crumbling sand ruins to harvest the powerful artifacts within" A Core 2v2-4v4 Arena Map by: ARC GuiltySpark Layout Design Excavation is a Smaller 2v2-4v4 Core Arena map for all gamemodes like Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, and Assault. It has two...
  4. GuiltySpark

    Standard Station A.R.C. 1.0

    The "Aircraft Resupply Carrier" station was originally built for shipping weapons in the covenant war A Core Arena Map built by the ARC Gamers Forge Team! LAYOUT DESIGN Station A.R.C. is a small core symmetrical arena map best suited for 1v1-3v3 slayer and objective gametypes. Action packed...
  5. WyvernZu

    Infusion b_02

  6. X

    Standard Overwatch

    2-10 players. An arena styled symmetrical 4v4 map inspired by "simulation" by xbl berserk. It can support slayer, ctf, strongholds, and ball game types, although I built it mostly around slayer and ctf. It features a spnkr rocket launcher, two snipes, a shotgun, and an over shield for slayer and...
  7. NARCH22

    Standard Longitude

    Longitude - Fairly accurate recreation of Halo 2's Elongation, with changes made to cater to Halo 5. The map is symmetrical, and hosts up to 4v4 gametypes such as Slayer, Assault, CTF, Neutral CTF, and Strongholds. Weapons on map include: Halo 2 Battle Rifle, Hydra, Shotgun, Plasma Pistol, Storm...
  8. W

    Paintball Arena

    A nice paintball map to play with friends! Everyone has one life per round and a plasma pistol. One shot and you're out, so be careful and play smart! I recommend playing at least 3vs3. Both teams start in a base and have 10 sec to get in the battlefield. Good luck!
  9. Mr Jamieism

    Halo Arena Players Wanted

    Title says it all. Looking for people to put up their GT's that are looking to team up and get a regular thing going with playing arena. I dont want to reject any one so if enough people stepping forward we can get people working within their divisions. Looking to mainly play Arena + Slayer...
  10. Mr Jamieism

    Introduction Mandatory Hello

    Just like in any AA meeting, I shall stand up, introduce myself as Mr Jamieism (Mr J, Jamieson, Scottish Guy), and admit that I have a Halo problem. I am no stranger to some of you, but to everyone else I'd like to take the time to wish you all well and hope to play with you guys soon. You'll...
  11. RPAL

    Standard Cavalcade

    ----> WALK-THROUGH VIDEO <---- ---> Album with more Pictures <---- --> Gameplay <-- Want to DOWNLOAD Cavalcade? Check the Download Section at the bottom of this page! Map Description: Cavalcade is a symmetrical arena map designed around the core Capture the Flag gametype. My goal with this map...
  12. Y3S ITZ WES

    Halo Map design dealing with Spawn Killing?

    I know for starters I don't talk much on here, but I'd love to state something about the spawning and map designs of the arena maps (preferably the smaller style maps). It feels like every time I connect with players in Team Arena/Slayer/Swat that the map we play on (i.e. Pegasus), we spawn...
  13. T

    Introduction What's Poppin?

    Halo 5 is da shizznit. Hit me up if you want to join our Spartan Company! The link is below if you want to check us out. Loving Halo 5 so far. If you wanna destroy people in arena, or practice and have fun in customs, let me know. My GT is TheRealWimshady...
  14. Y3S ITZ WES

    Halo Halo 5 Emblems

    Hey Guys and Gals, I've been wanted to talk about getting a feature into Halo 5, that when you are in a Spartan Company you get a special custom Emblem for that Company. For example, you would have the SC logo on the left, then the CL (Company Leader) can choose from a selection of backgrounds...
  15. Skyward Shoe

    Map THFE Feature: Panic Attack

    Check out Panic Attack in the HaloCustoms Map Database! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! Hm? Oh sorry, I didn't see you there. I was too busy driving a flaming warthog off of a ramp amidst a haze of bullets, grenades, and traffic cones. One would think I would be used to this on the third iteration of...