Halo Map design dealing with Spawn Killing?


Nov 7, 2015
I know for starters I don't talk much on here, but I'd love to state something about the spawning and map designs of the arena maps (preferably the smaller style maps).

It feels like every time I connect with players in Team Arena/Slayer/Swat that the map we play on (i.e. Pegasus), we spawn evenly at the beginning of the match, but then it proceeds to spawn fellow teams and I into spawn killing scenarios. To add to the effect of that, on Pegasus the Rocket, Shotgun, and Sniper spawn on red side of the map, while on blue side there is only the overshield to help the Blue Team (Yes it's an easy sprint to sniper from the spawn, but the Reds are quicker to it). For the rest of the match, it's whoever can hold off (Spawn Kill/Trap) the other team. Lastly, it's not just Pegasus; the feeling is present on most small arena maps that in my opinion should be FFA only maps. I hope I'm not just the only one seeing this?