Type 54 plasma pistol

Type 54 plasma pistol 1.0

When the plasma pistol is overcharged and fired it will release the standard green overcharge bolt. When the bolt hits a vehicle it will stun lock it for a few short seconds allowing you to board or shoot the occupant etc. Mind you this applies to turrets also. Even the small turrets like the plasma cannon. The overcharge shot also has the chance to stun enemies on impact as well.

In short it restores the plasma pistol to its former glory.


1. The stats remained unchanged aside from the overcharge shot

How to install:
1. Open "Halo Infinite" into a campaign save of your choice.
2. Open IRTV and click "Load" bottom left side. IRTV should automatically load the game EXE's tags.
3. Click "Mods" then select "Import Mods" then find the file named "Type 54 plasma pistol" and click open.
4. Type 54 plasma pistol should now be shown on the Mod page. Now click the "add to pokes" button. Type 54 plasma pistol should now be highlighted in green. Then click the "Apply Changes" button.

I believe that is it. please let me know in the discussion tab if i missed anything. Enjoy!

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