Erudo'ma'keth Plasma Rifle

Erudo'ma'keth Plasma Rifle 1.0

Modifies the stats of the pulse carbine to be more like a successor of the Okarda'phaa Type 25 by giving it a slower full-auto mode much like the Type 25/Plasma Rifle. Its like a return of form so to speak for anyone who misses the feel of the old plasma rifle.

100 shots per full charge.

6 rounds per second.

5 seconds of constant fire before overheat.

Firemodes: "Full-Auto"

How to install:
1. Open "Halo Infinite" into a campaign save of your choice.
2. Open IRTV and click "Load" bottom left side. IRTV should automatically load the game EXE's tags.
3. Click "Mods" then select "Import Mods" then find the file named "Erudo'ma'keth Plasma Rifle" and click open.
4. Erudo'ma'keth Plasma Rifle should now be shown on the Mod page. Now click the "add to pokes" button. Erudo'ma'keth Plasma Rifle should now be highlighted in green. Then click the "Apply Changes" button.

I believe that is it. please let me know in the discussion tab if i missed anything.

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