This modifies the stats of the CQS48 and gives it a full auto function. I nicknamed it the CQS49 Wolfdog.

1. Magazine 8 rounds
2. 8 rps
3. 100 rounds maximum carry capacity
4. 100 rounds on initial pickup

The shotgun can still be singled fired through trigger discipline, when the trigger is held down it will empty all 8 rounds in short order. Excellent for groups at close range or concentrated fire on one specific target. Of course this comes at the cost of ammo consumption.

How to install:
1. Open "Halo Infinite" into a campaign save of your choice.
2. Open IRTV and click "Load" bottom left side. IRTV should automatically load the game EXE's tags.
3. Click "Mods" then select "Import Mods" then find the file named "CQS49" and click open.
4. CQS49 should now be shown on the Mod page. Now click the "add to pokes" button. CQS49 should now be highlighted in green. Then click the "Apply Changes" button.

I believe that is it. please let me know in the discussion tab if i missed anything.

Time to sweep those bugs off the street marine!
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