plasma pistol

  1. Maybach660hl

    Type 54 plasma pistol 1.0

    When the plasma pistol is overcharged and fired it will release the standard green overcharge bolt. When the bolt hits a vehicle it will stun lock it for a few short seconds allowing you to board or shoot the occupant etc. Mind you this applies to turrets also. Even the small turrets like the...
  2. an Orca Dork

    BFG-1000 1.0

  3. an Orca Dork

    Precision Plasma Pistola 1.0

  4. an Orca Dork

    Plasmashot 0.9

  5. an Orca Dork

    Hexed Plasma Pistol Coating 1.0

    it resklins
  6. Tedium

    Best Secondary Weapon!

    The wait is over! Sit down, sit down, stay a while! When firepower deserts you, which small arms do you take to battle? Well here's everything you will ever need to know about each. Now this is a subject very near and dear to my heart. I know it is for you too. Thanks to RecedingHairlineMan...