H2A Skyshock

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Skyward (H2A)
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Team Slayer
  2. Multi Flag CTF
  3. Oddball
  4. King of the Hill
  5. Juggernaut

Skyshock 14.png

Skyshock is what it says. It's an inverse symmetrical ring shaped map with an interesting layout that can be a shock to the system, and its in the sky. This doesn't mean its confusing, it's just quite different. It blends aspects of Lockout, Construct and Adrift, without borrowing to much from them. it has various levels to fight on but due to segmentation players cannot line up the whole map for a duck hunt. My second H2A map, it focuses on moving players to the center, and map crossing in that way.

Red/Blue Spawn Area:
Skyshock 1.jpg
The spawn area is a a simple area. On first glance, it has to ways in, however there is a third entrance higher up accessible by a jump in the inner ring. the are is well segmented and prevents spawn killing players respawning in this area to a high degree.

Rear Red/Blue:
Skyshock 2.jpg Skyshock 3.jpg Skyshock 8.jpg
Rear Red/Blue are connect to the spawn areas on the right exit. the rear area connects to Gold/Cyan via a ramp, Red/Blue Tower via the gravity lift and Orange/Green via a drop down, and around to left Red/Blue via a Jump to the right of the balcony.

Left Red/Blue:
Skyshock 13.jpg Skyshock 12.jpg Skyshock 5.jpg
Left Red/Blue connect to center with a simple ramp or the player can choose to jump down from a gap left in the railings. this area also allows players to slide jump into the Red/Blue Towers via the drop down above The Shotgun. this area is also connected to the opposite teams rear balcony by jump, as mentioned.

Gold/Cyan Overlooks:
Skyshock 7.jpg Skyshock 6.jpg
The Gold/Cyan overlooks are smaller rooms that overlook the center area and can be used o fight across and control center, or used to quickly cross the map from quick access to center.

Orange/Green Basement:
Skyshock 10.jpg Skyshock 9.jpg Skyshock 11.jpg
Orange/Green are "Basement" areas best suited for safer map movement and not being seen while crossing the map. There is access to the lift to Red/Blue via a twin entrance gravity lift, the other exit being in the rear areas of the map. there is a single long sightline in the the exact middle line of the map, where speed boost can be found. this area is also connected to purple center via a ramp tunnel.

Purple Center:
Skyshock 4.jpg
Purple Center is a quick map transverse area and is very accessible. it is a fast but dangerous route, but is broken up by the pillars to aid cover while moving here.

this map went through quite a few changes, but as of this version I'm quite happy, but don't be surprised it it get updated at all.
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