H2A Alvarium

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Skyward (H2A)
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Team Slayer
  2. Multi Flag CTF

First off, I wanna say it's great to be back! for those who don't know, my old xbox profile, Darkrain491, was hacked and lost. So I made my new profile, Weavile Wallace. I've been gone for a year and a half, and I return with this great map!

Alvarium is a competitive 4v4 map that focuses on room combat with a certain level of verticality, balanced by lots of segmentation. The map has a very hexagonal pattern going on, hence the name Alvarium, which is a translation of Beehive (god knows what language though haha!) Anyway, after only a fortnight of beta testing prior to release here, it has proven VERY popular to pretty much anyone who played on it, except Steelgreen, he thinks a Midship clone. love you really Steelgreen :)

Alvarium Overhead Layout.png

Alvarium is very hexagonal, and it has very little rectangular areas. the map boasts 9 major hexagon chambers, two top corridors with a open point as power positions, lower corridors that lead between the bottom floor chmbers and 4 lesser hexagon chambers as a route from bottom to mid level. the map boasts lost of jumps to use to you advantage.

Initial Spawn Chamber and Partner Chamber
Spawn Chamber:
Alvrium 1.png Alvarium 2.png
Partner Chamber:
Alvarium 3.png Alvarium 4.png
The initial spawn room is situated downwards from the rocket launcher pedestal and is connected to the Overshield lower chamber. players can reach the high railings from this chamber bay various means. There is also gravity lifts that lead from the bottom to it. the Partner chamber to these are identical in most ways to the Spawn chamber, minus the gravity lift exit. and they are connected to the Brute Shot lower chamber.
Alvarium 7.png

Lower Level:
Alvarium 5.png Alvarium 9.png Alvarium 10.png
Lower Level is a safer map travel route at the cost of map control. However, you want to have some control over these areas as they host powerful weapons like the Brute Shot and Suppressed SMGs and an Overshield. Brute Shot chamber and the lift chambers are connected by corridors where as Overshiled chamber is seperated.

Center Chamber:
Alvarium 6.png
Center chamber consists of a pedestal where Rocket Launcher spawns and outer rails on multiple levels that allow the player to transgress quickly across the map. shotguns can be located on the highest rails.
Avarium 11.png Alvarium 8.png

Upper Level:
Alvarium 12.png
Upper level is where beam rifles spawn. I chose beam rifles over sniper rifles as it is quite easy to cross to the opposite side, so it mean getting both snipers would be easy, or at least one team having both sets of their ammo. beam rifles nullify this.

I feel this is a great return to forging, I hope everyone else does to!
Testing credit to Sgt x Slaphead, Error 5577, DHD Warrior, UEG Soul Flame, CasualInception, xDeadeyefredx and many others!
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