H2A Geode

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Skyward (H2A)
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Team Slayer
  2. Multi Flag CTF
Custom Gametype Name
Squad Multiflag CTF

Geode is map I created in the later stages of the Meet Your Maker Squad CTF Contest, but Despite its latecoming into the contest, I feel it became a strong map in a very short time.

It uses hexagonal geometric architecture prominantly in structure design, a shape I feel is one of the best geometric shapes for map design.

The map features 3 larger hexagonal major base structures, with two Gezebo smaller hex huts that act as a initial spawn and turret hut.

My design philosphy for this map was to have vehicles play less of a flag capture role, and act more as power weapons used to control the map and empower location to help an. Assualt or push one back. As susch, flag running is very acheivable on foot.

Ghosts are good at luanching and assualt on a base during a stalemate, whereas Warthogs act as the support vehicle from a distance.

I decided not to include snipers on the map because I felt they would be to effective and hurt map flow, so I intead opted for shotguns, brute shots, overshields and a rocket launcher as the Weapon and Powerups to control. The majority of these are most effective in a closer range engagement, encouraging players less to enter the fray more, and keeps ranged combat more controlled in this manner.

The basic shape of a Hexagon I feel is great for map design. I believe it is the greatest hybrid of circular and geometric design, with base shape of a hexagon being inherently circular. It helps to manage sightlines and spawning and makes for intresting architecture itself.

Aesthetically the concrete and metal of the architecture bodes well with the natura

all in all, I think its a very solid map that is great to play on for due to its intresting architecture and well controlled flow and structure.

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Weavile Wallace
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