Shadow Seekers

H2A Shadow Seekers

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Awash (H2A)
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Shadow Seekers
Shadow Seekers (Mini Game)
In Shadow Seekers survivors will spawn in a small open arena provided with a decent active camouflage. The starting infected will spawn in vehicle rooms with a choice of either a wraith or a ghost. The infected will use the vehicles within the arena to seek and kill the survivors whether this be by shooting or splattering them. The survivors will need to either run around and dodge the infected but inevitably reveal themselves or hide somewhere within the arena. Survivors will need to be very careful as the wraiths and ghosts can shoot anywhere and reveal them if they are hit. If a survivor is killed they will become infected and help hunt the remaining players. This means it begins to get very hard to survive and hide, especially once spotted by a infected player.
How to download:
At the main menu, press "X" to bring up the roster. Next, select yourself by pressing "A" on your Gamertag. You'll see "Find Player" under the menu, which will allow you to look up any player.

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