H2A Dodgeball

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Nebula (H2A)
Custom Gametype Name
Dodgeball (Mini Game)
This is a simple yet great map to play. Two sides will square of in a game of dodgeball where players must throw sticky grenades and stick opponents on the opposite platform to them. The platforms are littered with plasma grenades and all players will need to do is simply walk over them to refill their grenade supply. If a player is stuck and killed, they will be placed inside a spectator room just beyond their teams platform where they can watch through the windows. The first team to lose all their players loses the round.
How To Download:
At the main menu, press "X" to bring up the roster. Next, select yourself by pressing "A" on your Gamertag. You'll see "Find Player" under the menu, which will allow you to look up any player.

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Char1ie Fazzani
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