Map: HaloWare v1.0
Gamemode: HaloWare v1.0
Gamertag: RushMyPancake

HaloWare is a recreation of TF2Ware which is a Team Fortress 2 recreation of the game WarioWare. Players play a series of minigames which are randomly selected.

How to Play:
Players spawn in a lobby. After 10 seconds, a random minigame will be selected. Players just have to do whatever the objective on their screen is within that time frame. This objective will be sent both as a message in the bottom left of the screen as well as a widget with a timer at the top of the screen. An example would be a parkour minigame, where you have 60 seconds to make it to the end. If you successfully reach the zone within 60 seconds, you will earn a point. After the minigame timer is over, all players are respawned in the lobby; and after a short intermission, another minigame will be randomly selected. Minigames range from 2 seconds to 60 seconds. First person to successfully win 15 minigames is declared the winner!

List of Minigames:
  • Kill Ball Hall
    • Reach the end of a kill-ball-ridden hallway!
  • Concussion Cove
    • Concussion blast other players off of the island!
  • Bane Ball/Buddy Ball
    • A golf ball flies in random directions around the room!
      • Bane Ball: Don't touch the golf ball!
      • Buddy Ball: Touch the golf ball!
  • Mongoose Master
    • Be on a mongoose when time expires!
  • Sumo
    • Knock other players off of a shrinking platform.
      • Warthog Sumo
      • Mongoose Sumo
      • Ghost Sumo
  • Wooden Wreckage
    • The floor breaks in random places. Don’t fall in the water!
  • Shotty Spleef
    • Shoot out the floor from beneath your opponents!
  • High Roller
    • Climb the dice to the zone without being trapped or splattered!
  • Sabre Dogfight
    • Avoid being killed by another player within the time frame. Players fly sabres.
  • Simon Says
    • Do what SIMON says and NOT what SIMOM says!
  • Platform Panic
    • Players have 5 seconds to get on a platform before the floor despawns.
  • Kill a Player
    • Players have to kill another player within 5 seconds.
      • HAMMER HUB: Gravity Hammers
      • SPAWN SNIPES: Snipers
      • LASER FAST: Spartan Lasers
  • Splodeyball
    • Avoid the golf ball that will explode in 5 seconds.
  • Parkour!
    • Complete the parkour course before time expires.
  • Bomb Bay
    • Dodge the bombs that get launched from man cannons!
  • Jump!
    • Players have 2 seconds to jump into the zone above the lobby using whatever weapon is given.
      • HAMMER JUMP: Gravity Hammers
      • CONCUSSION JUMP: Concussion Rifles
Whoever reaches 15 points first wins. But instead of just saying that you win and the game ending, the winner gets 7 seconds to kill everyone else! The winner player(s) will be given a chaingun and will one-shot all the other defenseless players.

Thank you to Wh0r0naVirus, Gamergotten, and others from the MCC gametypers discord server for helping me when I had issues with scripting the gamemode.
Thank you to Slawt, Cookie, JBOB, Artax, FERO, Invinitii, Naterrules, H4ME, Jezza, ItsAmpzYT, PoisedDragon985, Aquifer_UNKWN, J2H Warrior, nothing_to_good, and all those who joined in the Custom Games Browser for helping test this gamemode!


To download, search my gamertag "RushMyPancake" ingame using the "Find Player" option and look at my shared files. The gametype and map will be shared (HaloWare v1.0). OR if you are on PC, clicking the download on this post will provide you with the map and gametype. Drag those files into their respective folders in your game files.

For me it is:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\haloreach\map_variants


C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\haloreach\game_variants
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