Which Gametypes Do You Want in Halo 5: Guardians?

Which game modes do you most want to see added to Halo 5?

  • Assault (one bomb, neutral bomb, multi bomb)

    Votes: 122 40.1%
  • One Flag CTF

    Votes: 107 35.2%
  • King of the Hill (crazy king, sequential hill)

    Votes: 129 42.4%
  • Oddball

    Votes: 103 33.9%
  • Ricochet

    Votes: 86 28.3%
  • Asymmetrical territories

    Votes: 70 23.0%
  • Infection

    Votes: 254 83.6%
  • Race (rally, rocket race)

    Votes: 152 50.0%
  • Extraction

    Votes: 59 19.4%
  • Other (specify below)

    Votes: 58 19.1%

  • Total voters


Round Objects™
Dec 23, 2012
Greater Seattle Area
Halo 5's forge mode is incredible. The possibilities afforded by the mode are endless. However, forge is only as good as the custom game options which support it. So, prior to forge's release in December, which gametypes do you most want to see included in the game?

Halo 5's roster of modes will be relatively small at launch, with the matchmaking playists including Slayer, Multi Flag CTF, Strongholds, and Breakout as well as Warzone and Warzone Assault. It is unclear at this time whether there will be additional modes available in custom games at launch. The forge and custom games community will need more modes than just these in order to thrive, and seeing the addition of more modes will greatly enhance the matchmaking experience as well. So, make your voice heard! The poll above includes some classic choices for you to vote on, and remember that you can vote for multiple modes. If you don't see your favorite mode in the poll, please reply with it below. Hopefully this can help 343 make informed decisions about which modes the community wants most.

Top Picks for "other"
  1. VIP
  2. Headhunter
  3. Regicide
  4. Juggernaut
  5. Stockpile
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Salad Snack
Jan 26, 2013
Assault, territories, infection and race. All of them are pretty fun gametypes and most of them make for some pretty interesting mini games. I just really hope assault is one of the first gametypes to come with the game.
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Sam The Great

Jan 9, 2013
United States
Assault, territories, ctf, VIP, oddball, infection, with options we've had in the past that are sorely missing, such as one-sided objectives, slayer scoring, spawning only enabled on scoring an objective (for unique minigames like Valley of the Beasts from Halo 3), etc. Add to that stockpile, an incursion mode with working gametype label, and sequential infection with safe havens, all with the option of tuning how the waypoints appear on the screen (they were obnoxious in Halo 2A).
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Propane Specialist
Staff member
Jan 10, 2013
United States
I voted for all modes but Infection, Oddball and King of the Hill are a must for me. Besides being fun competitive objective gametypes, these modes are important for the Halo minigame community to thrive as well (with classics such as Smashy Chase, Clue, etc.). Without any these game modes, what's the point of giving us all of these forge options for anything besides slayer?
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Propane Specialist
Staff member
Jan 10, 2013
United States
Somewhat good news, everyone! Josh Holmes is "pooping" back in on Halo Waypoint to update us on the gametypes situation in an unrelated discussion thread:

Here's the post if you would like to read the rest of his short Q&A. So Oddball and Grifball are pretty much confirmed making a return, hopefully the rest do too.

EDIT: I've posted to the thread in response, if you want to "like" it to get it support. I didn't link this thread directly as I believe there is a spam policy on Waypoint.
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Feb 25, 2013
New York
Unpopular opinion: I'm not a big fan of Infection although I love how creative you can get with it in Forge and customs. I mainly want the objectives back like Assault, CTF, KotH, and Oddball.


Jul 14, 2015

I really want to build some maps in the style of a game mode called "Protect Obama" from Halo 3.

It's 1 life per round attackers vs defenders VIP variant with a good amount of power weapons for both sides, defenders get a base to defend and 1 of their players is the president who they have to defend or they lose the round, he only gets a pistol and can't pick up weapons. Attackers get some vehicles that are most not very useful besides a transport hornet that can air drop troops onto the roof of the base.

It's a lot like the recent "Rainbow Six" maps in H2A but adds the extra element of the President into the mix that forces both teams to be more strategic.


So I can create "Vampire" which is a mode in which everyone has shotguns besides the juggernaut who has a sword, weak camo and shield vampirism - to be played on horror themed maps

Expansion to Infection settings mainly through Infection hybrid modes-

VIP Infection - work together to escort one important player to a haven - Protect Obama/President mixed with Infection

Territories Infection - Eradicate and capture a bunch of buildings from the Infected

Slayer Infection - Free for all elimination slayer but with Infected - Day Z mode

CTF/Assault Infection - Capture/plant something in the Infected spawn zone

Race Infection - race other survivors while also avoiding the Infected - like Drive or Die/Cat & Mouse/Hulk (whatever you called it) with a better scoring system

Option to make it so the survivors can't here the mics of the Infected players

Option to have Infected spawn where their survivor died

Option to switch the thruster ability for a classic Jetpack, Active Camo or a HUD light - we can turn lighting down on maps so having a HUD light ability would help make a gametype designed around darkness be even better




Something with playable Covenant or Prometheans

And above all Co-op vs AI - just setting up a mode with teams of 4+players against loads of AI on the Warzone maps would be great
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Infection and KOTH are a must. The majority of minigames use these two gametypes. As for other: Dominion. I am not sure if anyone else agrees, but Dominion was my favorite gametype from H4. I know that it is similar to Warzone, but can you forge Warzone? No.
:masterchief: KingOfYou115 :masterchief:
I also have to make sure that VIP, Headhunter, and Juggernaut are all added into the game so I voted other to make sure they are at least recognized as an eventual add in.

Territories, KOTH, and Infection... those are all very important.

Also Team Juggernaut, Juggernaut switching based on a timer, etc. would be cool if we expanded on things like that. Oh the fun I could have with Juggernaut... one Juggernaut per team. One between two teams, multi-team juggernaut. Juggernaut on his own team with multi-team. Oh the fun... with that last one we could make our very own warzone... lol. Juggernaut is the boss.
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