by Hushed Behemoth

Welcome to Traverse!
Traverse is a 2V2 map created by Behemoth.
The map is built on Ravine, and Behemoth has done an outstanding job of forging a beautiful and dynamic playspace, incorporating original forged geometry and natural elements together into a great looking and great playing map. I've played the map multiple times now and I have to say it's one of my favorite Doubles map that I've ever played on.

Even after only one game on this map, I was able to communicate callouts to my teammate (who happened to be a person I had never even played with before) and effectively move around the map to locate and destroy the enemy team. The gameplay of the map does not gravitate toward any one area, but instead moves around the map fluidly. All in all, it's just a really great doubles map and I encourage you all to download it and check it out!


The map, and accompanying gametype "Dusty Slayer" can be found by fileshare search:

GT: Hushed Behemoth
map name: Traverse
gametype: Dusty Slayer
Holy shit, thanks Titty! This seriously means a lot to me as well as the fact that you and others have enjoyed it so much.
One thing though; the gametype will be on my fileshare soon, under the name FH Dust Up , or something like that.
I hope you all enjoy!
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Thanks for the support, guys!
Without some of you, Traverse would not be where it is now


Traverse, as I have told you before, is a beautiful map and an incredibly impressive design. I'm going to be looking at this in forge soon to try and learn why it is so good exactly. I'm glad I got to be a part of the testing phase for this lovely design.
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I still don't understand how you're able to make all these maps so quickly, Behemoth... You started this like, what, 5 days ago? And it's of superb quality! I don't get it. But I guess I'm just an old slowpoke when it comes to forging. You youngsters are too quick for ole Dax these days.
Great map man. I had a lot of fun playing this with you.