1. rayner

    Reach HYDRO

    HYDRO Stare in awe at the power and serenity of water. Hydro is a core map optimized for 2v2 competitive game types. It is set on a forerunner facility by the water, staring out into the open ocean. The map's architecture plays to the strengths of the Halo: Reach forge pallet, using the...
  2. icyhotspartin

    Hells' Bells 2.5

    Just dipping my feet in this forum, the original posting for this map went live on Forgehub back in early November, I think. Click the link to see my notes on it from back then, and give it a whirl. Yes, I know the terrain is a little sloppy and there are some holes that need patching up here...
  3. Chronmeister

    Lifeform 2018-04-16

    Lifeform Players: 4-6 Gametypes: Slayer, FFA Weapons: Grenade Launcher, Scattershot, Carbine, BR, Suppressor, Lightrifle, 2 Plasma Grenades, 2 Frag Grenades, 1 Splinter Grenade Powerups: Overshield Enjoy!:) GT:Chronmeister Map:Lifeform
  4. Chronmeister

    Standard Vessel 1.0

    Vessel Players: 2-4 Gametypes: Slayer, Oddball Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Brute Plasma Rifle, SMG, BR, 1 Splinter, 2 Plasmas Powerups: Overshield This map has been an absolute blast to test and I am pretty proud of how it turned out in all aspects. I hope you all get a chance to try it out...
  5. TimeDipper

    Standard Chalet 1.0

    CHALET Chalet is a competitive 2v2 map built for the HSFN November Forge-off Contest. The map supports up to a maximum of 8 players but it is recommended to keep the player count at 4 players. The map supports Slayer, Stronghold, CTF, and FFA. Slayer and Stronghold are the strongest game types...
  6. Chronmeister

    Standard Chron's Keep 1.0

    Chron's Keep Players: 4-8 Gametypes: Slayer, Strongholds Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Hydra, Shotgun, Plasma Pistol, Battle Rifle x2, SMG x2, 4 Frags, 2 Splinters, 2 Plasmas Powerups: Overshield Chron's Keep is a small asymmetrical arena map. The layout consists of a central tower that connects to...
  7. GuiltySpark

    Standard Station A.R.C. 1.0

    The "Aircraft Resupply Carrier" station was originally built for shipping weapons in the covenant war A Core Arena Map built by the ARC Gamers Forge Team! LAYOUT DESIGN Station A.R.C. is a small core symmetrical arena map best suited for 1v1-3v3 slayer and objective gametypes. Action packed...
  8. General Sarbina

    Standard Requiescat in Pace 1.0

    A Forerunner themed map perfect for a 1v1. Recommended gametype is my 1v1 slayer found on my file share. This map does NOT support Strongholds or CTF Weapons: Battle Rifle x2: Spawn time: 90 Spare clips: 0 Light Rifle x2: Spawn time: 90 Spare clips: 0 Suppressor x2: Spawn time: 60 Spare clips...
  9. V3N0MS

    Standard Bias v.3

    Bias Map download link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=V3N0MS Symetrical 4v4 map made with a forerunner theme. The maps best game variants would be slayer, strongholds & ctf...
  10. GDTaco

    Standard Thresholded 2016-06-25

    Thresholded was once a station mining station for Helium, Hydrogen, and methane. Now it is just a timeless memory. Team Slayer 4-6 players
  11. T

    Standard From Earth and Stone

    Truly a map that many may wish to visit in real life. The attention to detail and beauty does not in the least detract from play-ability. You find yourself in the quarters of what was once the residence of a great lord over the earth. From 2v2, to 4v4, to possibly even a chaotic 6v6, this map...
  12. M

    2v2 Slayer map ready for download!

    PROCESS is a symmetrical 2v2 slayer map. PROCESS is fast-paced and exciting. The gameplay is technical and competitive. Power positions shift with movement so even skilled teams will need to stay focused from start to finish. And its a lot of fun! To download: GT- Seems Dangerous Map- PROCESS...
  13. T

    Standard Departed

    Hello, and welcome to my first Halo 5 map. I began departed the day Forge dropped and have been working on it since. This 5-6 week project has been an amazing experience for me. I always felt limited by the tools given to us forgers in past games but with this forge in Halo 5 I was able to...
  14. Lost Pinecone

    Standard Aftermath

    GT: A Squid Loaf Aftermath is a 2v2 slayer map featuring an urban winter setting. Youtube video tour:
  15. M

    Standard PROCESS

    **UPDATE- huge overhaul. Changes to weapons, total re-work of cargo room (now called cafe) and finally got frame rate issues under control. Updated walk thru and screen shots below** PROCESS is a competitive 2v2 map for halo 5. The intention was to create a map that rewards skilled players...
  16. Titmar


    Traverse by Hushed Behemoth Welcome to Traverse! Traverse is a 2V2 map created by Behemoth. The map is built on Ravine, and Behemoth has done an outstanding job of forging a beautiful and dynamic playspace, incorporating original forged geometry and natural elements together into a great...
  17. Titmar


    Entity created by ThrowinSomeBows Hey everyone, welcome back to another exciting map spotlight! This time it's an asymmetrical 2V2 map. ThrowinSomeBows has been well known around the halo communities for a while now, and he's brought us another great map with his creation Entity. Entity...