The Guide To Forge Island


Good day everyone,
Since Forge Island has been revealed people have been constantly finding new ways to use this new canvas to its full potential.
Forging under water, phasing through the ground or even making the Mongoose a two-wheeler are just some of the many things people have discovered!
Fortunately for us, FortunateSiren has created a thread to gather all the important info you need to know. It's a place you can check back on for everything Forge Island.

Of course, there are many things missing and I hope we can all help to make it the ultimate thread for Forge Island!

Know a cool glitch, exploit, fact, or tip?
Head over to Siren's thread and let him know!
Good stuff Siren! I'll be sure to check in on the thread regularly to stay up to date on any new Forge Island finds. :)
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Oh god, that mongoose glitch is hilarious!! Also, good work on the Forge island thread, Siren. I will look to contribute in some way.
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Post that in Siren's thread, please! Those are all great links and would really benefit everyone there :)
With that said, great post Fuzzle ;)