Site Update: April 1, 2013


Hey there, everyone! Another month, another awesome update from out epic overloard, Insane54! He's been real busy, and there are a lot of updates and we're all busy people, so I'll get straight to the point.

Some Small Ones

St. Patrick's day has come and gone, and in its wake we have the pastel-colored, choco-filled awesomeness that is Easter! If you haven't noticed these already, I thought I'd tell y'all about a few updates from Insane since the last update (some of these may be a bit old...)

-added daily automatic shoutbox archive post
-added shoutbox notifications that inform you about new games (should only notify games)

-fixed a bug where the shoutbox would notify any new threads in the Customs category
-changed "Leprechauns" back to gold with a background, even though it's...barely connected and won't be staying anyway (if you can't tell, i wanted the rainbow!)

-updated the shoutbox with some new upgrades. banning now adds a member to a secondary usergroup which makes them unable to see or post in the shoutbox... its still a little annoying to unban, but its less annoying now.

-hopefully should be much easier to use the shoutbox on a mobile now! :)

-removed RSVP option "Maybe". I know that's a controversial decision, but I mostly wanna see how it plays out.

-added an "else" statement to the "Upcoming Games" sidebar loop. If no games are found, it will display a message saying that there are no games right now, with links to check out the schedule or to create a game.

-upped spambot protection a bit

-added "Race" category

-"Download Map" now opens map in a new tab

Which are all pretty sweet! I personally would love to see those Spambots gone, and I know Tomtris would too. Thanks, bud, for the vigilant reporting!

A Change of Pace

As of today, we have made a great improvement to our rules to combat all of the antisocial behavior that we have been seeing across the boards. When we first started off, we naively thought that loose rules such as 'Just use common sense' would be enough to appeal to the common user. Unfortunately, that laid back policy has been ruined by a select few who choose to abuse our leniency.

So as of today, we have some new rules, staff ranks and policies which you are required to read before continuing to post anywhere on this site. If you break any one of these rules, we will promptly penalize your account:

  1. We will no longer tolerate and kind of profanity on the site. It is from now on a PG site and we expect every single member to adhere to this. This include words such as "Damn", "Crap", "Hell", "Bloody", "Darn", "Oh my God", "Shut up", "Drat", "Balderdash", "Dang", "Gee whiz", "Good gravy", "By jove", "For pete's sake", and "Motherfucking cunt".
  2. No duplicate threads, such as "What is the best Halo weapon/game/map/character" are allowed.
  3. All threads will be locked after 24 hours of inactivity.
  4. Claiming to be Berb is now prohibited.
  5. You must refer to all staff as "Sir".
  6. Female members may no longer get a creepy amount of attention in the shoutbox and around the forums. You're welcome, ladies.
  7. Every member must log in the site at least once within every 24-hour period, or will be permanently banned.
  8. Proper english and grammar is required when posting. This rule will, however, not apply to the shoutbox. That would just be stupid - we're lenient like that :)
  9. Comic Saaaaaaaans
April Fools!

No, no, now wait a second, that previous part wasn't April Fools. Don't get your hopes up - that's still happening. I am, in fact, speaking of our little joker Insane54. He's gone all silly on us for today and has done a variety of silly things to the site. I'll leave most of them as a mystery (which means, he refused to tell me what he's done...) but let me tell you one thing - it's all very silly. What a joker.

Au Revoir, Sweet Orange

Ever since HaloCustoms was born from Insane's throbbing womb, people such as me, Insane and even that guy corduroyCHUCK have been known as Staff. A vague expression which means we can post news stories in the stream, have a neat orange name and get to fight on the winning team of Staff vs. Communities. However, we all feel like after the first few months of this site going open, it's time for a change. We've all settled into our own duties around the site, and we feel like it's time to properly distinguish between roles. These will be applied to the site later today. Until then, give it up for the new roles!
  1. Removal of Staff rank
  2. Fuzzle is new sole Admin
  3. Community Manager rank for Insane54
  4. On-site Journalist rank (writes about site activities) for Tedium & Dax
  5. External Journalist rank (writes news about everything else halo related) for Titmar & Lights
  6. Fan Journalist rank (writes about everything 343i is doing) for Vincent Torre
  7. Discussion Moderator for Wakko45 and MockKnizzle
  8. Viagra Moderator for corduroyCHUCK
  9. Customs Moderator (will attend custom games and make sure no one breaks the new no profanity rule) for Essias, Psychoduck, REMkings & Nondual
  10. Web Master rank for Bigstack
  11. Everyone who is not currently gold host has the Not Good Enough rank
  12. Everyone who is gold host has the Decent Member rank
That's right! With this final update, Insane54 has stepped down from his duties of Admin and has left them in the capable hands of our newest but bestest staff member Fuzzle. Under his rule, everything should stay the same, but he leaves us this one warning:

i will randomly "ban" people for not being german enough :D

I, for one, welcome our German overlord. And so without further ado...

Schuld der Übersetzer
Na dann! So! Wie ich schon sagte, müssen, was zu noch viel mehr Deutsch. Eines Tages werden wir vielleicht beschließen, in fügen einen eingebauten Übersetzer, aber jetzt, dass Fuzzle ist für die Website nicht mehr Englisch sein basiert. Wir wollen unsere 6000 oder so englischsprachigen Mitglieder entschuldigen, aber die Deutsch demographischen ist jetzt einfach zu wichtig für uns.

Und so mit diesem furchtbaren Versuch schriftlich in deutscher, muss ich für meine transltor entschuldigen. Es ist google. Man könnte von ihnen gehört haben. Ja, so ... yeah. Sorry about that. Besonders Ihnen, Fuzzle, und alle unsere Deutsch sprechen - Sie müssen gerade jetzt Kriecherei. Für alle, die diese übersetzt hat, um sie zu verstehen, kann ich nur sagen, danke für ist, dass interessiert! Es bedeutet mir sehr viel, dass Sie würde durch die Anstrengung gehen. : D

Some of these updates are outdated... onley 90s kids wud ramember dem.

No but seriously loving the new updates, especially the newest shoutbox fix for mobile use, it was getting pretty annoying before the fix, so thanks!
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Nice! Hopefully the site will be fun and exciting with all these fresh new changes. Thanks for all your hard work Insane!
Persönlich finde ich einige dieser neuen Regeln seltsam, aber das ist nur mir ...

Also I'd just like to ask why my Potato loving Irishness isn't up there ?
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Bratwürst? I hope that's enough german to not be banned...
Lol no really like the colored names for the different ''staff'' members :D
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