[PC] How do I use toys to make multi round scripts?

Pizza Missile

Sep 8, 2016
Im making a game where there are two teams on two platforms facing each other. They need to use grenades that do very little damage with high knock back to knock each other off.

The scripts are for the platforms that fall away making the area smaller. My first set of scripts was all the platforms spawn on match / round start and they each have timed z-axis movement and despawns.

It works perfectly the first round, but the timed scripts don't reset with each round start. I've checked other maps like mongoose sumo and they use a system of toys with "power" and "message" scripts in conjunction with respawm timers on the toys to make everything work from round to round.

I'm going to dissect mongoose sumo to figure it out, but I'd prefer a guide or help obviously


Round Objects™
Dec 23, 2012
Greater Seattle Area
Sorry for not seeing this earlier. Here is a tutorial on how to do what you're looking for. This method was pioneered by Turbtastic, Nokyard, and myself and was used for Mongoose Sumo and several other mini games.

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