help wanted

  1. TSK LoKoz

    Help me get my ability to post host ratings back.

    I left a review on Whoronavirus sand just said "shame" and he had that removed. So i then proceed to write a legit rating in which he has removed again. My second rating stated that he was using mods to make the game unfair towards other players. I.E Using mods for his own use. Apparently that...
  2. Pizza Missile

    [PC] How do I use toys to make multi round scripts?

    Im making a game where there are two teams on two platforms facing each other. They need to use grenades that do very little damage with high knock back to knock each other off. The scripts are for the platforms that fall away making the area smaller. My first set of scripts was all the...
  3. G

    Halo Halo 5 Bodies needed for Short Film

    Hey I currently am attempting to do a short clip using Halo 5 and if anyone would be willing to help out that would great, thank you! Currently low on bodies needed to complete my vision.