1. L

    Infection - Module (Alpha Zombies) 1.0

    Use alongside my "Infection - Core" script brain. Adds Alpha Zombies that lose their traits once they make a kill. Traits and behaviour easily modifiable.
  2. L

    Infection - Core 1.0

    Core script for my Infection gametype script. Use in conjunction with my "Infection - Module (x)" scripts as desired. Requires an FFA gamemode with multiple rounds and no score limit to win, with shields off. Survivor loadouts are determined by the gamemode.
  3. Pizza Missile

    [PC] How do I use toys to make multi round scripts?

    Im making a game where there are two teams on two platforms facing each other. They need to use grenades that do very little damage with high knock back to knock each other off. The scripts are for the platforms that fall away making the area smaller. My first set of scripts was all the...