Neat rain and snow effects on Alpine and Glacier


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Jan 10, 2013
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Herro HaloCrustoms, today I bring you some neat rain and snow effects I discovered using the 'Star-Field' fog effect if you guys ever want to give the illusion of weather on your Halo 5 maps. Additionally, you can modify the scale, thickness, brightness and downward wind direction to your liking for heavier or lighter rain or snowfall.

Note #1: Neither effect will work as intended with the Overcast skybox on Alpine due to some sort of bug with fog and the wind direction.
Note #2: Fog effects will appear in interior environments, including canvas and player-made interiors.

ForgeHub feature, thanks to Psychoduck:

Snow effect:
Works best on Midday skybox on Glacier. Sunrise works too.

Near Fog:
Type: Star-Field
Primary Color: White
Secondary Color: White
Scale: 4.00
Thickness: 10.00
Brightness: 10.00

Distance Fog:

Color: Black (or White for Sunrise skybox)
Thickness: 10.00
Brightness: 10.00

Override: On
X/Y Direction: Your choice
Z Direction: ~ -2.50


Rain effect:
Near fog:
Type: Star-Field
Primary Color: Deep River
Secondary Color: Space Cadet (or any blue/dark blue color you prefer)
Scale: 10.00
Thickness: 5.00
Brightness: 10.00 for heavy rain, ~6.00 for moderate rain, ~2.00 for light rain

Distance Fog:
Color: Ocean Green
Thickness: 3.00
Brightness 0.50

Override: On
X/Y Direction: Your choice
Z Direction: -3.50

Sound effects:
Fire [Small]
Nature [Thunder]

Hope this helps!
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