1. GreyMuffinBass

    Snowball Fight 2016-10-09

    ------------- It is super early for this theme, but here is my newest mini-game for you to enjoy before Christmas! Action-packed gameplay with any fireteam size. (8 Players Recommended) ------------- ------------- Bookmark the Map and Mode ------------- A fun winter themed mini-game! Collect...
  2. HerrMittmann

    Standard Melt in the Middle 1.2

    At first it seems like this map takes place in some snowy mountains. but just like the map's name already hints: the core of this mountain is indeed melted. So you basically have to environments on this map which play completely different. The melted core is more an arena-area. Especially in...
  3. Lost Pinecone

    Standard Blizzard Battle

    This is a unique map for a unique player setup. 2v2v2 is what the map was designed for but free-for-all, or larger teams such as 4v4v4 are possible. The map is essentially a construction site that has been, and continues to be, ravaged by a blizzard. The map's weather make it hard to see in...
  4. Lost Pinecone

    Standard Aftermath

    GT: A Squid Loaf Aftermath is a 2v2 slayer map featuring an urban winter setting. Youtube video tour:
  5. M0aHerder

    Standard Spearhead

    With the new block coloring options in Halo 5's Forge (not to mention cylindrical blocks), I really wanted to do something Covenant-themed. Spire stuck out as one of my favorite maps in Halo: Reach, and was a great opportunity to practice working with the Covenant aesthetic. This was also my...
  6. Jebus

    Neat rain and snow effects on Alpine and Glacier

    Herro HaloCrustoms, today I bring you some neat rain and snow effects I discovered using the 'Star-Field' fog effect if you guys ever want to give the illusion of weather on your Halo 5 maps. Additionally, you can modify the scale, thickness, brightness and downward wind direction to your liking...