Meet Your Maker 3: Squad CTF Forge Contest

Hello everyone, and welcome to the third iteration of the Meet Your Maker Contest! Meet Your Maker is a long running forge contest with a history of being hosted between several communities. This time around HaloCustoms will be one of the major hosts, alongside Forge Hub and The Halo Forge Epidemic. The Psycho Duck, Warholic (Admin at Forge Hub), and myself, Flying Shoe ILR, will be running the show as contest coordinators as well as judges.

In the first two Meet Your Maker contests we have so far seen a focus on 4 v 4 Slayer and 6 v 6 Dominion, respectively. Due to a recent upswing in popularity and the increased stability for the MCC, the third Meet Your Maker contest will be focussed on Squad maps. Squad maps are meant for two teams of 5 players and nearly always include vehicular gameplay and a focus on objective-based game modes. Squad maps can come in many shapes and forms, both asymmetrical and symmetrical, so we are hoping to see a lot of variety amongst the contest entries. If you have further questions about what Squad maps are all about, click here for a briefing from our resident quack.

The primary game mode for this contest will be that classic of classics, Capture the Flag. Continuing with the theme of variety, maps may be forged for any of the three main variants of Capture the Flag: Multi Flag CTF, One Flag CTF, and Neutral Flag CTF. Keep in mind, however, that we will not be testing with the standard game modes in H2A, but with settings finely tuned to give better balance to vehicular gameplay. For example, in these settings, it will take 2 plasma grenades or rockets to destroy a new warthog. Included below are some important details about the game modes. You can find all of the specific details about game types, deadlines, and judging in the Contest Details thread. For more general questions, or if you have feedback to leave on a map, the FAQ and Feedback thread is what you want!
  • Maps should be designed for one or more of the following modes
    • Squad Multi Flag CTF
    • Squad One Flag CTF
    • Squad Neutral Flag CTF
  • Squad settings can be downloaded from The Psycho Duck's file share and include the following settings
    • 110% movement speed
    • 50% damage resistance
    • 75% damage modifier
    • Carbine primary
    • Magnum secondary
    • Radar
    • 5 second flag recovery
    • 30 second flag reset
    • Flag at home to score (multi flag only)
The deadline for submissions will be Saturday, August 15th, 2015 by 11:59 PM EST. Maps can be submitted in this thread on Halocustoms, or in this thread on Forge Hub. The goal of this contest is to inspire forgers to create some amazing new maps, but of course we have a few prizes for those forgers whose maps come out on top! The three top maps will receive features on The Halo Forge Epidemic, as well as these prizes.

First Place: Astro A50 Wireless Gaming Headset (Halo Edition)
Second Place: Elgato Game Capture HD60
Third Place: One Year Xbox Live Gold

Winners will be announced sometime during the month of August. We all hope to see some great new maps come out of this contest! The staff of all three hosting parties will be hosting testing lobbies periodically throughout the next two months, offering entrants a place to test and improve their maps before their final submission. Good luck to all entrants, and may the best map win!​
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I should have said "Complex with Infinity BTB settings" instead of "Sanctuary" for a more obvious joke. Dammit Zanny!
After some discussion, the judges have decided to postpone the submission deadline to Saturday, August 15th at 12:59 pm EST. This gives you an extra two weeks to test and refine your maps. Good luck!
i have a bunch of forge maps but never rly got play tested mainly develop infantry based maps since theres never enough people to change that oh well my gamertag is SilverEonBullet