Featured Lobby Into the forge: 4v4 testing with Xdemption

Mar 17, 2013
Hello fellow spartans and HC folks! Here I am today to tell you about my 4v4 testing lobby run with the Alliance Testing Network. I will be running my lobbies at 6:30 PM EST on Saturday and Sunday and we will be running 5 maps with 3 games on each map chosen for testing, (you can find the database link for this list below). These lobbies are meant to be run to help refine and improve maps at the methodical level, to help foster the creativity of the forger and to help bring their vision to life for their design. Here is the criteria for what we will be improving upon:


Scaling - Do battles take place at fair ranges?
Pathing - Do players travel the map in reasonable timeframes?
Segmentation - Are players properly distributed within the playable space?
Spawn Balance - Do players have fair spawns?
Objective Placement - Does the objective location support the gametype well?
Macro/Micro Pathing - Is player movement predictable and punishable?
Lines of Sight - Are sightlines well rounded to encourage movement?
Geometric Readability - Can players discern the paths from the map boundaries?
Target Acquisition - Can players see each other in every area of the map?
Player Orientation - Can players identify where on the map they have spawned?
Map Boundaries - Can players exploit geometry to get outside of the map?
Smoothness - Is the map cleanly forged?
Visual Weight - Does the map make good use of negative space to train the player's eye to areas of interest?
Lighting - Is the map's lighting the right intensity to set dress the map?
FX - Do the effects distract the player?

Many thanks to A 3 Legged Goat for this, this will be our main criteria for areas we will be seeking to improve on each of the maps in testing. Between each play-date, I will be sitting down with each forger to improve each map for consideration. Taking in the feedback of the lobby and creating solutions for the forger to take in hand and adapt to their creation.

As my job is to organize the feedback and interpret what the lobby is discussing in terms of how the map plays and what players would like to see improved in the future. This will be a long and driven process but with time each map that I receive will get the time and dedication it deserves. I wish to thank you all for all the overwhelming positive responses from all the forgers and the players who have given their support to this.

For the thread, I will be updating each time the maps that are planned for each night for clarity purposes and expected run time for each of these lobbies.


For players who want to help test maps:
Will you be able to devote a 3-hour chunk of time to join the testing lobby for a night?
Can you give feedback in a objective and constructive manner?
Can you give it your all when testing these maps?
Can you give written feedback on the thread? (If not I can relay the feedback to forger)
Can you stay polite and act within a mature manner?
If you choose to sign up to these lobbies, can you be punctual and be on time for each lobby?

If you answered yes to most of this, then your in the right place. Each stream will be available to the public to review for specifics on feedback. I will be sure to time-stamp each map feedback for each lobby. I hope to get a diverse group for each lobby so be sure to message me on XBL or on Halo Customs and I will be sure to add you to the lobby!

Be sure to join us on twitch as well on my stream!


To submit a map, either message me on XBL at Xdemption or message me here on Halo Customs with the DL link.

Alliance Testing Network: http://www.forgehub.com/threads/alliance-testing-network-info-contact-thread.151787/#post-1638596
Forgehub thread: http://www.forgehub.com/threads/into-the-forge-4v4-testing-with-xdemption.151643/
ATN Database: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet...5iS1YDWPyN2y8/edit?ts=57105f1a#gid=1559954112
Mar 17, 2013
Alrighty forgers and fellow spartans! Diving into this week we are looking at some maps that have been on the back of my mind and have seen updates and seen constant testing with duke's and max's lobbies. This is a fresh new day and I am eager to try out these maps later tonight!

Waist high by Stunt Artist (Updated)
Primoris by Drupplerradar
Salient by Bloodpony
Legacy by Max Extra and Enough lemon
Heights by The grim dealer

There it is guys! Hope to see you all there on my stream! Stay frosty folks!

Mar 17, 2013
Hey there guys! Starting off this week with brand new maps and some updated maps that I am super excited to play this weekend as we had some exciting games on these maps and I look forward to helping these maps reach their full potential.

Frigid by Scrub meee
Inclement by N3gat1veZer0
Loading Zone by Given To Fly 93 UPDATED
Port 66 by halo 5 is grief UPDATED
Hellbent by yours truly (xdemption)
Suspense by Kell of scots UPDATED
Prae Exilio by Zac Lee UPDATED
The Lich Hus by Phuria
Goliath by black picture / whos Blaze and creative force
Leros Kipeos by HeroicJkroy

Lobbies will be starting at our new time of 5:30 pm EST on Saturday and Sunday. I hope to see you all there guys!