map testing

  1. redemption1272

    Featured Lobby Into the forge: 4v4 testing with Xdemption

    Hello fellow spartans and HC folks! Here I am today to tell you about my 4v4 testing lobby run with the Alliance Testing Network. I will be running my lobbies at 6:30 PM EST on Saturday and Sunday and we will be running 5 maps with 3 games on each map chosen for testing, (you can find the...

    Data Lost [Jul 26, 2016] Map Testing With INFINUT - Halo 5

    To fill the other days of the week with no official lobbies running I will be hosting lobbies every Tuesday(2v2 core), Friday(4v4 core) and Saturday(8v8 core) for serious map testing. hopefully these other times will give some forgers more opportunity to make it to a testing lobby themselves for...
  3. Lone

    Map Testing: Fire Pit (Need People)

    [Edit] If your reading this, then testing has been canceled. No one bothered to participate. [Edit] Testing begins friday 9:00pm Central Standard Time (CST). If you live in a different time zone, here's a website with a live time zone map. Few Map Details: Small map is symmetrical with 2...