Event HaloCustoms Saves the World

HaloCustoms vs the World? Guess again! This time we're teaming up to save the world from Covenant and Promethean alien baddies! If you haven't heard, the Warzone Firefight beta is live now until Tuesday, April 19th! As with every new mode, we're taking this opportunity to team up with the community in this limited time beta! The new mode only supports up to 8 players so we're spreading out into multiple lobbies to accommodate for the demand. We'll be streaming this event live on our official Twitch channel along with recording the events to mash together in a recap video on our new official YouTube channel! So come on down this weekend, bring your REQs (and please don't sell your Prophet's Banes... adderrson) and let's out-BR the Mythic Warden Eternal together!

The lobbies:
:ao Blargzone Saves the World: Lobby is over, thanks for coming everyone!
Hosted by: SOLIDSNAKEee

"If the Warden wants war.... we'll give him war." - SOLIDSNAKEee​

:carlton: Jesus Saves the World (again): Lobby is over, thanks for coming everyone!
Hosted by: Jesus in Malibu

"I'll die for your sins again... but only if that means I can complete my Warden Eternal commendation."

:fronk: Team Fronk Saves the World: Lobby is over, thanks for coming everyone!
Hosted by The Psycho Duck

Fronk meets Warden Eternal in this Sunday night's epic showdown.

How to join:
Scheduled lobbies are something we're still working on implementing in our new lobby system at this time so to claim a spot, simply look in our custom games page a few hours prior to the start of lobby you want to join and you may RSVP by clicking on the correct lobby when its available. We will also post the links to the correct lobbies in this thread when they become available. These lobbies will be hosted on a first come, first serve basis so remember to be on time!

May the propane be with you,

Jesus in Malibu