1. Mr Rogers4

    Data Lost [Jun 30, 2017] Day of Warzone Firefight - Halo 5 (XONE)

  2. Jebus

    Event HaloCustoms Saves the World

    HaloCustoms vs the World? Guess again! This time we're teaming up to save the world from Covenant and Promethean alien baddies! If you haven't heard, the Warzone Firefight beta is live now until Tuesday, April 19th! As with every new mode, we're taking this opportunity to team up with the...
  3. Mr Jamieism

    Introduction Mandatory Hello

    Just like in any AA meeting, I shall stand up, introduce myself as Mr Jamieism (Mr J, Jamieson, Scottish Guy), and admit that I have a Halo problem. I am no stranger to some of you, but to everyone else I'd like to take the time to wish you all well and hope to play with you guys soon. You'll...
  4. kuibitd

    Introduction New member!

    Hi! I prefer to go by display name here, and my gamertag is I_Redacted_I. I play Halo 5 and tend to play either Warzone or Breakout. Outside of Halo, I like to code. I live in the USA for anyone who wants to play with me. Just remember, I only want to play with people who have mics.
  5. Y3S ITZ WES

    Halo Halo 5 Emblems

    Hey Guys and Gals, I've been wanted to talk about getting a feature into Halo 5, that when you are in a Spartan Company you get a special custom Emblem for that Company. For example, you would have the SC logo on the left, then the CL (Company Leader) can choose from a selection of backgrounds...