HaloCustoms just got better!

Now here at Halo Customs, we're still touching things up, tweaking our systems, adding features and generally just BEING a fresh website. And thanks to our wonderful webmasters, we've been given some great new changes! Here are the words from the man himself, Insane54. After that, I'll reveal to everyone a sweeet little surprise...!

-added automatic timezone adjustment! WOOO!!!
-"no" removed from RSVP
-"Streaming Now" Text underneath the party name in the "Games Right Now" section (not tested, but I think it should work)
-You can only rate a host if you had RSVPed beforehand
-changed default Upcoming Games view to "Weekly"
-Edited the nav-bar on Dark so that your profile info doesn't get stuck under the search bar when you make the window smaller than ~700px

Being a member of Staff at Halo Customs is a great thing, and I for one am immensely thankful! But it's not a far off concept - all you need, is a bit of friendliness, a bit of hospitality, and a bit of good old go get ''em attitude! Now I wasn't completely honest earlier. I did, in fact, edit that list of changes. Some of you might have noticed, some of you might have not, but here's a change I'm most excited about:

-added Nondual to the staff. Welcome!
WHHOOOOOOOO! Give it up for Nondual everybody! He's the latest addition to the staff here at Halo Customs, and we couldn't be more excited. Welcome! Now let's all hope he doesn't torture you all with media posts of his cat, or something like that. I dunno ;)


Darn, now I can't RSVP "No" to all of those customs I know I won't attend. Oh well.

Anyway, congrats to Nondual, our newest staff member!
Lol. Oh. My. God. What have I gotten myself into?! Haha, thanks for such an awesome intro, Tedium! I had no idea you guys were going to make an announcement, makes sense though. This website really is amazing to me, and I’m honored to be a part of it. Hopefully I’ll be able to really contribute around here.

I thought I would give a little bit of background about myself since a lot of people might not know me. I’ve been hosting Halo custom games pretty regularly since the summer of 2009. I did what I could to create and find a lot of amazing content, get it organized, and make it as refined as possible. I would also provide a lot of testing and feedback for some very gifted forgers. This is how I met Insane54 and Vincent Torre.

We had an amazing amount of fun, and I would like to think this time period might have helped a little with the inspiration for this website. Custom games can be as amazing as people are able to imagine, and then willing to put the work in, to create. Raising awareness about this in the Halo community at large, is a real goal of mine.

Some of my main focuses right now, are creating and refining more custom content, and hosting custom games. Then getting more video footage of said games up on the intertubz. And hopefully this will help inspire and inform about the amazingness that customs are capable of being.

Here’s just a small video of some of the highlights for our last custom session, in case people might not have seen this in the forums:

Thanks again everyone, I’m really looking forward to the future! Hopefully I’ll be able to get to know and become friends with, as many of you as possible as time moves on.

Also, those are some fantastic features that have been added to the website. Insane54 really blows me away with his hard work, and ingenuity. This website keeps getting better and better!
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