Event HaloCustoms Halloween!


Happy Haloween!
Happy October, everyone! I'm writing here to let you know about all of the Halloween festivities that will be going on around here. This month is Halo Custom's first ever Halloween, and we're all very big on celebrating the holidays :laugh: As some of you may know, Autumn is my favorite season of the year - not just because my birthday's in October, but also because of my favorite holiday, Halloween!

So, to celebrate with you all, we've gone and rejigged the site for the month of October. With a snazzy HallowCustoms banner from Psychoduck, as well as a full color change, this site is sure to get its fill of festive treats!

Join the Party!
Either through word of mouth or by the announcement above the shoutbox, a bunch of members have been changing their names* and avatars to something more... spooky! That's right, for the rest of the month leading up to Halloween, Dax O' Lantern and ZOMBIEdium are giving out free name changes, as long as they are
  1. A play on your current name
  2. Actually related to Halloween
  3. Less than 20 characters! (give or take)
You'd be surprised how many people wanted their name changed to something like "Megaman Awesome Guy of Cool". So think hard, find something spooky, and message Dax or me for a cool name change! But don't worry, everything will be set back to normal after Halloween. It's only temporary!

A Question For You All
What are you doing for Halloween? A party? Trick or Treating? What will you dress as? Will you carve any pumpkins? Whatever you're up to this Halloween, let us know in the comments below!

*Thanks to TOMBtris for starting the trend!
Lets Tedium know that Autumn isn't a month, though it is a season.

Tedium edit: Thanks for letting me know! :laugh:
Ive made a pumpkin with that flood stencil from one or two halo bulletins ago, i might put up a picture when im done, that is, if everyone's nice and I can be bothered